Those “Hell No” moments

  1. Fusing lots of DNA and getting 10 every time …
  2. Find a not yet collected Dino in the wild or within the Weekly event and not being able to create her for less than 5 dna …
  3. Being stunned more than 3 times in a row …
  4. Almost winning a battle then the app freezes and when you come back, you lost the figth…
  5. Almost winning a battle then a critical hit slaughter you …

What about yours?

Those „hell no moments” round 2

I don’t mind any battle related things. but when you fuse hard earned epic dna for a legendary and get 3 10’s in a row…I want to cry…


You walk to an epic, it despawns when it’s finally in range…


Or it took you 2 weeks to collect enough for a fuse you need 20 to create and you get 10! If I already did not have allot of hair I would pull it out!


You keep getting the I am a passenger prompt and you are standing still!


Going to a special event park with 21 drops only to have 4 irritators and one despawning right when I was able to dart… That didn’t help make my migraine that day feel any better.

3/21 :skull:


Hell no are there really only 4 irritator and 10 trex gen 2!


Stuck as passenger and sudden jerking of turns/braking/etc. making me misclick which dino I wanted to dart then being unable to exit out fast enough to click the CORRECT one in time before despawning or going out of range.


When your 75% chance to stun doesn’t stun and their 10% chance does.


When the bird’s 50% chance to dodge literally dodges 6+ times in a row… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  1. when i think of how much coins its going to take to create a decent team.

  2. when i think of how much dna it will take to create my first unique.

  3. when i cant find the dang epic dna to finally fuse a legendary that is 196/200


When you can’t think of something funny to post …


:rage: @#+°§># !!!


Fuse 10 times and get 10 dna Everytime. That is bs


When you already invested in 3 extra power banks and still running out of battery whenever going to hunt :rofl:


When you organize your day and after going out for Gallimimo hunting and then…

"“We are updating the game, come back very soon. Thanks”


At least games that doesn’t require gps as Empires & Puzzles put a warning massage half an hour before the game won’t be able to run… I think 1 hour before is the min for a gps location based game… :rage:


When you find a specific dino once and never again. (For me that’s EpicSpino and Nightmare-Fuel Croc.)


Just 3?

My Stegodeus is made up entirely of 10’s! :smile:


Being excited about the tournament and in your first battle face opponent like this:



The game freezing every single time your winning a battle then seemingly running fine if you are losing. Battle mode is an absolute joke atm and the support team ignore you. Cant beleive they’ve released tournaments with the game littered with bugs