Those “Hell No” moments

Doh :see_no_evil:


When your in that situation go ahead and open the dino and then go to it. I’ve never had one despawn on me while I have the launch screen opened.

I tried that, not working. Dino screen would be force closed.

Oh wow that sucks. :(((((((

Having a T. rex attack my diplotator and leaving at 50 health…

And the game thought it died so the opponent won the game


Your mom WhatsApp call you in the middle of battle.

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This just happened…i gave up…


When I got crap RNG with my team layout and didn’t have a good team against my opponent’s great set up. RIP me.

Also, freezing mid battle and making it so I had to close the game out and I lost because of it.

Or the time when I didn’t freeze but couldn’t use any skills and my opponent couldn’t use their skills. That was utter BS. D: All I wanted to do was swap out the Velociraptor so she wouldn’t get squished. She couldn’t swap (they didn’t do the “can’t swap” move on me). I tried to attack, nothing. I had to close out the game. Lost that battle too. -.-

When you accidently level up a creature beyond that needed to create its hybrid and now have no DNA for fusing when you could have had bucket loads :frowning:

Happened for me with Kentosaurus so I can’t fuse to create Ankyntrosaurus … haven’t seen a single one since :rage:


When you’re team is doing fine at ~3600 facing dinosaurs of similar levels to yours, and then out of blue you have 5-10 consecutive battles with teams of uniques fit for top 100 which are landing critical with every single hit pushing you back to ~3300, and then you still meet them, making the whole idea of levelling up your dinosaurs pointless.

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Yes, I can confirm that keeping launch screen doesn’t prevent the dino from getting despawned.

If the dino despawns when your launch window is open, there would be a flash, the launch button window would close and the map would temporarily go blank (maybe due to refresh).
Slowly, rest of the supply drops/dinos would come back, but not the one you want :frowning:

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Despawning dinos, it happens to me on daily basis now, I am starting to think it’s done deliberately, especially after event when I saw epic spawned 40 meters in front of me and it despawned seconds after, exactly when it touched 30m distance.

When you forget about that 4th dino left after conceding…

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My Nodopatosaurus. Leveled it to 16 by mistake. Regret it every time I remember it :crazy_face:


I have experienced something similar happen but mostly happens when I am catching/darting something else and I get too close to the other dino. Might be my bad luck that it was just about end of spawn duration.

Based on my observation/experience, there are two types of spawns:

  1. Normal long-distance spawn with a fixed despawn period: These are the regular spawns which occur and once spawned, remain there till their duration end-time (which I guess varies 45min, 1hr or change of dusk/dawn/day/night cycle).
    Here, if I know when they roughly spawned e.g.: They were not there 5 mins back when I had checked my phone, they do not despawn on me for the next 30-45 mins.

  2. Proximity Spawn: These dinos including epics only spawn when you are very near to them (5m-30m). I have had hard time sometimes make them appear (it appears on one phone while doesn’t get triggered on companion’s). Also, if you move out of range/move a bit, they disappear and you have to again just keep going around that area to make them trigger again. Sometimes, they never trigger!


This is a hell no and a hell yes all in one!

Hell no not that same 30 seconds promotion I saw 300 times! Hell yes it’s a 5 second promotion

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Crap RNG where i have to slog through loss after loss, because of spam crits or it gave me a bad lineup…

Exorbitant coinage needed to level anything past level 10 (anything worth using on my team, that is). I can’t just shell out real cash all the time for boosts in coin, so i spend most of my time grinding like mad.

Getting a 15minute incubator after barely winning a stressful match. Watch the 30sec ad and then back at it again :sweat:


having 2000+dna of rares that are not in my area and are useless while not having any dna from a needed global one

Having some daft clod down the street hosting a live concert of some no-name AC/DC clone band in his backyard, scaring away all my dinos tonight. Where’s my Bazooka?