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Those “Hell No” moments


Ouch i am hoping i get an epic scent abd get mysrlf some rexy


Running out of DNA for fusions when 10 away from new unique



Ouch been there my hell no is my own doing leveling velociraptor and wasting 80 dino dollers on opening an incubator


Hmmm… maybe i need to stockpile some coins :thinking:


Whyyyyyyy Barrryy whyyy?!?!
Why must you tease me so :persevere::cry:

Those "Hell Yes" moments

Fusing a lvl 15 Purrolyth and being reminded how long its going to take to get it to lvl 20…


Hell no moment spending 4 days in lockwood to then go on a 5 game losing streak and going back to ruins this is why i quit the game before on lower level also tapjoy not paying out

Those "Hell Yes" moments

fairly fighting in 4400 when this guy arrives two times in a row against me.



Still not fixed. Lots of Bary lately but still.


Encountered my first Dracorex gen2 swap in yesterday. Thanks Ludia, I hate it.


I’ve encountered 22 of them lol


Haven’t really had the time to battle because I’ve been working holiday hours these past few weeks. Had some time after work so I figured why not?

Then my opponent brought out the dracorex. I hope he enjoyed his incubator and I say that with all sincerity.


got it from 9 to 17 today. lol it took about 1 1/2 hours doing 158 fuses.


Anything that ends with a “9” after darting.


Whyyy does this keep happening to me?! I can’t even look at it! I’m never going to see the damn thing again, until the next Event – just lemme have itttttt! :cry::sob::sob::sob::sob::cry:


Bro… I mean, this is normally never a bad thing… But if you’re trying to get the daily missions done…


Lol! Sorry, that made me smile


So close, yet so far.


Getting destroyed by an Indominus Rex and not being able to properly counter the cloak move. And meeting said abomination in Badlands. I know cloak is rather infamous but I must have done something to anger the RNG gods.