Those “Hell No” moments


You got an epic scent at a strike event, use it at home, and when the epic you needed - monolophosaurus, the only good thing exclusive to L3 - your game crashes…

…and when you reload, a green diplocaulus appears :rage:

P.S. It wasn’t all bad, two epic baryonyx spawned as well.


Ouch i am hoping i get an epic scent abd get mysrlf some rexy


Running out of DNA for fusions when 10 away from new unique



Ouch been there my hell no is my own doing leveling velociraptor and wasting 80 dino dollers on opening an incubator


Hmmm… maybe i need to stockpile some coins :thinking:


Whyyyyyyy Barrryy whyyy?!?!
Why must you tease me so :persevere::cry:

Those "Hell Yes" moments

Fusing a lvl 15 Purrolyth and being reminded how long its going to take to get it to lvl 20…