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Those "Hell Yes" moments

  1. Fusing DNA and getting 50 or more …
  2. Creating a Legendary dino …
  3. Being awarded a 24 hour incubator after a battle …
  4. Winning a battle with single digit health remaining …
  5. Getting a critical hit that absolutely blows the opponent away …
  6. Excellent or above when darting (on this point there really should be a “crap” when you do badly - it still gives you great when you get 10) …
  7. Saying “it’s anggggrrrry chicken time!!” when throwing your Level 19 Deinocheirus into a battle …

Ok - that last one is probably unique to me :blush:

Any other moments?

  1. Killing an I-Rex without it landing a single shot …
    9 Having an Epic spawn literally on top of you …

Getting a TRex spawn right on top of me as i’m walking to Tesco’s! Haha yes it happened on Tuesday!
Getting a critical shot in the last hit of a battle when you know that a normal hit would not be quite enough.
Getting 3 stuns in a row when you finally add a Stegoceratops to your team after suffering 3 or 4 stun s in a row so many times yourself before, yep achieved this too this week!


Wake up. Turn on phone. Collect treasure chest without leaving bed. Nice way to start today off.


Sorry guys but I prefer the Hell Yes RL moments!

Like finding 20 dollar bill in pants you were about to wash!

Getting all green lights when you are running late!

Going down to the beach :beach_umbrella: and forgetting it’s spring break! That he’ll yes moment works for girls as well as guys!

This one in South Florida I get once in a while

Finding out that nasty hurricane took a turn away from the US and is heading away from all land!

Keeping up with the OP!! When I know my opponent has nothing left and I am about to make my winning move

I run into a nest of dinosaurs I actually need!

I bother to head out of my apartment to catch that epic and it actually stays put until I launch

  • Using Gallimimus to dodge all I-Rex’s attacks!
  • Correctly predicting an enemy’s move and countering with the exact counter, like firing off a thagomizer as someone swaps out to their raptor/faster dino, remove buff instantly after I-Rex cloaks.

Why can’t both be enjoyed, RL and Hell Yes moments related to JWA


Never said I didn’t enjoy both just prefer RL ones!

I actually enjoy both

Chilled at home and found an Ankylosaurus within my full battery range…twice

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Use a lv20 Stegodeus beating lv24 one.


Correctly predict opponent’s invincibility move and take advantage.

Tripping over an epic!

And don’t be silly, galli is a chicken, deinocherius is a turkey. :slightly_smiling_face:

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When opponent starts with I-Rex, you immediately switch to yours, dodge their attack and then they’re vulnerable to yours. I was pissed the first time someone did this to me, but so satisfying when you can pull it off, especially when they’re a higher level.

When you slow a faster dino, it cleanses, and then you immediately slow it again.

First time I ever used my monostegotops I two-shot an I-Rex: nullifying impact to de-cloak, critical stunning strike, for the win. I was so pumped I told my completely uninterested wife about it, then had to text my brother who might’ve cared a little (or at least understood what I was talking about).


Today I stun 8 times in a row with my Stegoceratopo who opened the match, even with the basic attack! Won 3-0 almost without any damage… maybe now I am called a hacker XD

And now let me open the mirror topic, Those “Hell No” moments !!

Was that you Sara?

I didn’t fight back because I was busy being cooked like pasta! :joy::joy::joy:

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Just had a Hell Yes!
Actually it was a hell yes that became a hell no that became a hell yes!

I needed 50 more DNA to create Stegodeus. For the heck of it I bought a rare incubator

Hell yes 250 nodosaurus DNA
Hell No going to level up Nodopatasarus 10,10,10,10 giving me freekin 99! Oh well that’s life I figure at least 1 try at Stego

Hell triple freekin yes 60 DNA

Welcome Stegodeus


Basically being on the receiving end of any “Hell Yes” moments makes it a “Hello No” moment. I’m not one to swear, but every time an opponent takes me out with a critical on a 5% chance I scream in my head.


Finally, Been stuck in the 4100-4300 range for ever!! Who knows how long this is gunna last but feels like a big “Hell Yes!” Right now …


Ahhhhhh and to think that was probably a 24 hour incubator you earned but didn’t get :wink::shushing_face:

Haha, I actually got one yesterday that’s cooking right now… I’ve had a lucky couple of days. Hopefully there’s some good stuff in the oven, I’ll post a couple screen shots tomrrow of what the 24 hour arena 8 incubator pops out, I know a few people may be interested.

(I know there’s a system to when incubators come out too but I don’t keep track… lol that’s where I draw the line with this new addiction :joy: )

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