Those "Hell Yes" moments


From level 16 to level 17 in two weeks… :star_struck: I want to thank you ALL my allies who helped me with my fusions donating me something!! I love you! :heart:


When you defeat a level 30 Brachiosaurus in today’s Epic Strike Tower with a level 16 Paramoloch, level 16 Monostegotops and a level 20 Indominus Rex ^^

(Admittedly it was on the second try, but I had a rotten stroke of bad luck on the first attempt; Brachio’s Rampage got the critical hit whilst my I. Rex was full health and cloaked and she got hit and downed in one go…so yeah, 200 cash well spent! ^^)

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BONUS ‘Hell Yeah’…I finally managed to create my sixth Legendary today; Nodopatotitan! ^^ Probably one of my favourite ones so far!

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Found big golden chicken!

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Say ello to the big armored tweety!


Thank you soooooooooo much Sand Dunes!! :heart:

Merry Christmas to all!!


best record and last defeated rival!!!

my team

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When an epic ankylosaurus appears outside your house on Christmas morning.


When you get both Alankylosaurus AND Tyrannolophosaurus over the Christmas period…

Love the latter; the chunky scales and headcrest make it look like a Dragon!


Reward gained from the 7 steps epic strike tower!! :partying_face:


When I get alankylosaurus, have 40000 cash, coin sale today, use my cash on the coins sale, to get my coins up to around 3 1/2 million!!! In 1 Day!!

And also leveled up to 15!!
Couldn’t get cash pic, and coin pic is after I spent some coins leveling up Utasinoraptor from 17 to 18 and Dracorex from 14 to 19.


When you kill a first turn raptor(any raptor) 10 levels higher than your best Dino with a dracorex swap.

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Jon, you’re better than this.

Having unlocked Magna last week - its been a bit of a “hell yes” week this week - see below - but for me the best “hell yes” is the realisation that I think I have finally got the balance right on the game with regards to time spent hunting, battling, PvP and the forums (helped largely by the in game chat / donations ticking most of the socialisation boxes - thank you Sand Dunes!).

4-6 weeks ago I posted “where do we go from here” as I thought I had exhausted the game - however now I see the answer is “onwards and upwards!”. A Happy 2019 to one and all.

The weeks moments:

  1. Ludia’s Christmas gift of an epic incubator
  2. Suchotator leveled up twice to L24 (thank you Sand Dunes!)
  3. Stegodeus and Indoraptor leveled up to L26 (a first)
  4. Getting Rajakylosaurus to L20 so I can start fusing Diorajasaur
  5. Creating Diplodocus and levelling it up

  1. Creating Tuoramoloch and levelling it up

  1. Creating Utarinex

And there’s a chance I will start fusing Thor before the day is done :slight_smile:


Ok, techically it’s the next week now but:

  1. Levelling Tryostronix to L23
  2. Creating Thor …


Set a foot into Lockwood in the last battle, lets see how far i get before i get kicked back into Ruins.


Used my large scent to catch some allossaurus and the gold chicken showed up :heart_eyes: got 102dna and im able to level him to 14


Just got my Dilorach to L24 which means I can do this with my team; my OCD is very happy :slight_smile: