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Those "Hell Yes" moments


I am sure when you create your dino the fuses become more kinder as i can’t get over 20 per fuse on indo


When I was not able to complete the Epic 1 step strike event (wait this is the hell YES moment thread you know?) and the reward for beating the 3 steps white tower is

Then after heading back to home, an extinct Anchilosauro knock at my door and gave me a gift

I think I am totally satisfied! :heart_eyes:


It also belongs to the opposite thread but this past event i concentrated on T-rexes and last 4 individuals gave enough to get 4 fuses on Indominous which in total allowed for one on Indoraptor.:.that one gave 50!! Woohoo!! So close!


When the opponent has reduced your speed, is ready to finish you off and thinks they’ll win with a last blow, but then Dracorex comes and ruins their day!:smiling_imp:


I don’t know what to be happier today :star_struck:

@Ulfhednar I need a poll for this :joy:

Polls for everyone

done :wink: (10characters)


My favorite chomper who’s been with me since the beginning* just turned 26 today!

And it wouldn’t have been possible without all the generous people in my alliance. TY SD!


They’r still alive!! :star_struck:


Must be T-Rex’o’clock - one just turned up here :heart_eyes:


Tomorrow… same time same place!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:



image Bene ma non benissimo… :sweat_smile:
Good but not great :wink: Tomorrow will be a crazy supply drop never ending spinning XD


3 ouranos from a free epic scent…

image image image





Just needed a T-rex to get my first unique and what do I see in the horizon?..



I pop a normal Scent just to see what I get…

And look who shows up!

Oh, and I finally got enough Dimo DNA to create this thing! :heart_eyes::hugs:


:dancer: :dancer: :dancer:


Step aside step aside, the queen is here :star_struck: Never been more excited to level up a dino. You are worth every sino!! :heart_eyes: #teamblue


Congrats @Calebrys !
Go team blue!!


@Hersh Happy Birthday!!! :birthday::tada: hahahaha



These moment we only have galimimus dna for only 2 atempts and we got 90dna 1st then 30dna 2nd :joy::joy::joy: