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Those "Hell Yes" moments

:scream: GG!

Tournament match; it was 2-2, 3rd creature was nearly dead, swapped in turtle … cowabunga! :smiling_imp: Took me to #110 but that has now slipped to #195 without me battling.

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How do you shoot a 28 on Indoraptor?! :dizzy_face: you do know that if you mess up your shooting you can close the game before the timer runs out and get a redo…

That from an incubator?

Probably from an expired sanctuary. Carbo isn’t in incubators…


When my monomimus takes out a procerathomimus

When I get something other then a 10 or 20 on a unique

When I get an epic incubator

When I get a 3-0 sweep

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Getting here 5 min before the season ended.

Belonging in the hell no thread is not even getting to play a match there because I got reset right after that :sob:


Not bad

Let’s see if I can keep go little bit higher with a bit of luck…

However some really powerful beast are appearing…

When your name fills most of the slots for the Alliance Challenges :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yeah, I also changed my player user to AdamusPrime and till trying to see if I can do that here too XD)

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Wouldn’t have got it (this soon) without the sanctuaries ^^

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Missed the opportunity to snap a screen shot, but after 4 10s in a row, i got a 50 fuse on smilon. Still a long way off, but really made my day.


I finally got my favorite unique! Since day one playing smilodon was the daily reward first starting this becoming one of my strongest dinos starting out. I always loved his look and aggressive play style. His legendary is a lot of fun to use and now with the added armor I’m very excited to play the much uglier hybrid and level him :slight_smile:


When you are down 2 -1 with a damaged unboosted lvl 21 Tenon on the field then take down a Tryko and a Diora for the win.

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