Those pesky dinos


Sick of seeing nothing but people complaining about the new update - you asked for the raptor nerf and you got it!

Anyways, what are some of the dinos you have the toughest time darting? For some reason I really struggle with the Parasaurolophus, I get significantly less DNA than usual when darting her. Also, the Dracorex loves to move its head, constantly messing up my crucial first attempt. I know the epic are particularly hard, but the T Rex specifically gives me a real tough time.


I hardly even want to think about darting Parasaurs, to be honest! :sweat_smile:.

I have a lot of trouble getting a direct hit on a Para’s front legs or forearm. But with all seriousness, any creature that is able to swing its tail and run at the same time makes for quite the challenge—Utah and Pyroraptors are probably some of the most challenging targets for me.


Who’s you?
IMO, I always suggest buff some weak dinos instead of nerf raptors.:thinking:

So I’ve never imagined they do both
–Nerf raptors & buff raptor counters.


The decrease on the raptors is really disappointing after how much effort I put in hunting them. I was gonna chill out on raptor hunting once I got to 24 or 25 but now I’m going all the way to 30 just to annoy the crybabies. I definitely have a hard time shooting the T-rex but it seems to be out more often now, so I usually find 3-5 each day so far. And that’s works good for me because I decided to keep leveling my T-rex instead of just using it for hybrids. I’m really not a fan of the changes to most of the attacks but that just means I’ll have to start leveling up all of the dinos that annoy me in battles so I can do the same to them, haha.


I swear up and down they increased drone sensitivity so maneuvering them is clunkier on slower-moving dinos (crocs are the biggest offenders IMO, just want them to actually move so I can ‘lead’ them as I dart).


I’ve always struggled with Rex and family for some reason. Tarbosaurus, Allosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Tyrannosaurus… I’m terrible darting those!


I ran into an Nodopa today, man, it’s so hard to dart, head to tail end back and forth so hard to dart.


Trex i score horible


Of the commons I bother to catch, Paras are indeed a pain lol. I normally nab 210-250 on commons like v-raptor, stego, etc but only 110-130 on paras cause of that wiggly head.

T-rex is off and on for me. Sometimes it’s hard to catch, others not. No idea why!


Dracorex gen 2 with the targets so far apart and I guess I’m just not that used to them yet.


The two dinos I have the most trouble darting is Parasaurolophus and Dimetrodon - they both have awkward dart sites (the Para’s neck and the Dimey’s legs) compounded by their erratic movement. I’ve slowly been getting better at scoring DH on Para but that’s just because I encounter it more often.


I always struggle darting mostly Tyrannosaurs. They move so slowly, and then the target keeps moving all over the place! I also have the biggest problem with the Diplo family…they wiggle too much.