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Those trying to climb - hows it going?


Im bouncing within about a 400 trophy range. Been pretty conistent since the end of the tourney. Not made any real progress, but gaining lots of experience.

Hows it going for you?


I’m stuck and still trying to stay in Jurassic Ruins. I keep getting paired with people with Uniques and Legendary several levels higher than mine so it seems that unless epic and rare scent capsules start being nice to me and I start seeing more epics and rares hybrid materials, I will continue to struggle :cry: I’ve enough Sino and Utahraptor dna to fuse for Utarinex but can’t find enough Dracorex to get her to level 19 and beyond. Same challenge with Trykosaurus, more than enough TRex dna but stagnant on Ankyntrosaurus because of Kentrosaurus


I’ve regained the trophies I lost after 1.4 rolled out and I’m back to where I sat the entire tournament - about 3800 trophies. Can’t get to 4000 and its driving me nuts!


I made steady progress and am now where I was before the Tourney started. I bounce 150 either way of 4000 Trophies now… depending on how RNG favors me.

My opponents have similar strength teams, I have not run into a much higher-level team in a week. Most battles come down to strategy… as well as RNG. And since my strategy sucks… I win by RNG a lot.


Totally know how that feels. I was in Sorna Marshes for what felt like forever


Slowly :grinning:…very slowly


Ever since the 1.4 update I’ve made a concerted effort to battle in the arena more. I’m happy to say I am moving, not so happy that it’s back and forth. :expressionless: I’m only in the Badlands so my main aim is to get that Arena 6 achievement. Small steps and all that. :joy:

On the plus side, Alanqa is proving to be quite the addition to my team. :grin: