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Thoughts and suggestions

First I want to say that I think the game is super slick, looks beautiful, sounds awesome (love the narrator), and does a pretty good job of capturing D&D in a mobile format. I really do like the strategy around choosing what characters to use, then what equipment/abilities for different levels. It really is shaping up to be a great game. a few random thoughts and suggestions in no particular order;

  1. XP should scale somehow, the xp earned from battles means nothing, getting 50 each for a run through the first challenge is crazy when at level 8 I need 27,000 to get to level 9. I get that card upgrades are the main way to level up, but cards are a little random and the ones I need never seem to be the ones I get. I do like that the rewards from challenges rotate every 2 days, that’s great! but I’m still missing rares for my thief and have no way to get them, If I could I’d be able to level up.

  2. Gold is so precious and hard to come by, and you need an astronomical amount to level your gear and then level your character, it’s a little daunting. having to pick between cards and gold on challenge runs sucks.

  3. When rolling dice on a challenge, if you get gold on 2-3 dice they should stack. I know if you roll doubles or triple it does, but all gold should stack, same with gems. I recently did a run and rolled a 1 (100 gold), a 7 (100 gold), and an 8 (300 gold) I took the 300 gold, but those other two rolls were absolutely useless. did the same things with gems, rolled a 2, 9, and 15. this gave me the option of 3, 3, or 9 gems. That was a wasted challenge run.

  4. Challenges are the only thing I can do, and really I only do the first challenge as I can do it fairly fast and I get all three dice. so when I want to play, it’s the same challenge over and over. I don’t mind grinding in a game, all mobile games have a grinding aspect, that’s to be expected. But it’s just one dungeon over and over, this is getting a little boring. I had a pretty luck few battles in the campaign and I’m further ahead than I should be so progressing there is out of the question until I get a few more levels, which due to how we level up will probably take me about two weeks of doing the same thing over and over.

  5. Replayability, there’s none right now, just the same challenge again and again. I think this is the main thing that needs to be addressed. I would really like to redo the campaign for chances at cards, gold, or xp, a few ideas are;

    1. Open up the campaign in hard mode
    2. Allow us to redo the previous levels to get 1,2, or 3 stars on each level
    3. Create another “challenge mode” where you have to beat a certain level with specific characters, or maybe just one character
    4. New campaigns
    5. Event Levels
  6. There is a button for old Mirt, but nothing there, I know this means you are going to put something in, could we get an idea of what’s going to go there?

  7. I like the leader monsters with a gold crown, there are a little on the random side though, perhaps we get an extra reward for killing them, more xp, some gold, or an extra card. anything pretty much.

  8. More quests, only getting one quest a day means that it’s far to slow to get Laeral’s rewards. I would prefer smaller rewards that are gained more quickly. I’ve been working on a DM pack for the last two weeks, and I still have another 155 points, which translates into about 8 days. This means that I will have worked for over three weeks to get one pack when it finally pops for me. If we only get one quest a day, how about a random treasure chest. Or make the rewards less, but challenges plentiful.

  9. Daily login, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 90% of mobile games have one, it’s pretty much expected. I know that the chests you get from Durnan almost fill this role, but they are always the lowest type, and it’s just a few common cards. When you need hundreds of cards to level up gear, getting two is actually frustrating. A random chest every day would be epic! or a random card once per day and a chest at the end of the week. Or make Durnan’s chest random, and you only get one a day. there are multiple ways for this to play out.


Great suggestions, happily seconded.


Completely agree. I also get that the devs need to make money off this. But having 27.99 and 70.00 prices for things are absolutely ridiculous. I’m cool with spending a couple dollars here and there, but not more than 5.00 per spending. I WANT to like this game but it’s getting difficult! I really hope it’s just a beta thing, but I’m losing faith.

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For XP, it should also be per monster, not per room like in D&D.

Also, no one in their right mind would pay 70$ for part of a game. It seems even though the game is rated 13+ as if the Dev are expecting kids to play and pay for stuff without their parents approval…

After the Gold and Glory update, the Devs were also already telling us to look forward to the Rock and Roll update. Like if they are simply running through a preplanned script of updates, without any intention to listen to criticism…

Anyway, I’m curious enough that I will stick with the game, just to see how bad it’s gonna get… I’m not gonna play much though…


Before the update Gold & Glory update, I would have been willing to shell out a few bucks (after official launch) for an extra chest slot. Other small things to buy could have been healing potions to use between fights, and XP boosters.

This is what I’ve been feeling is missing. The reward system feels nothing like real D&D. After killing 5 monsters in a room, why would I only get 4 or 5 exp per character? Why don’t monsters all have random gold/treasure drops? These are standard parts of adventuring in D&D. It seems like the devs are creating a game that only has D&D lipstick on it. Lipstick on a pig.


I started playing after gold and glory, but I find there is a steep curve where heroes don’t advance or the encounters don’t scale. All my heroes are lvl 5 barely. I’m at the part leading to the ettin. Dungeon 2 I face a lvl 8 troll and two lvl 7 orcs. Getting past this is totally dependent on order. Troll attacks first and someone is dead. If I can disable the troll then I have a chance. Of course the next two rooms end the adventure.

It all basically one hit at this point. Either the monsters attack first for 500-700 damage and take out the party or I scrape by.

Not much to do except grind for a level up or something and the amount of grinding has been discussed in other threads.

It would be better if the story scaled a but smoother to the levels. It also might help if challenge mode rooms awarded gold like story mode… Instead of many rooms for a chance at a few coins… Or equipment to sell, assuming durnan us asking for it at that point in time. Up til this point I was able to progress with a bit of luck and skill, but these one hit kills kind of spoil the ride.


What Zeldorom said.

I started playing two days ago and i’m hitting the same Paywall where i cannot upgrade any of my heroes past their current level and my only adventure left is facing level 7 - 8 trolls that hit for 1.3 K damage a hit …

and that,s only one of the few issues i get with the game

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I’ve been mining tapjoy for gems to purchase gold with, I’ve gotten about 5k gems like this and spent about 3.5K on gold so I can upgrade things. I’ve also bought a common, rare, and epic pack of cards just to see what I get, they are not really worth it compared to the gold you can buy with those same gems.

Also been trying to gem mine ( Which i find ironic to be forced to play a different game to hopefully progress on this one …) and i’m down to logging once or twice every 4 or so hours ( once for the free chest, once for the free challenge) then i stop playing since the only option i got at the moment is clearing a single room with my level 5 party in a mission that pits me against lvl 8 mobs or redo the same challenge that barely rields any card ( so no progress when it comes to XP) especially since i get about 40 XP on a challenge run and still need over 3k xp per characters

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What i am really disappointed is the lack of communication between beta testers and the developers.

As someone who’s been here since close to the very beginning I can 100% emphatically tell you that it never used to be this way.

The devs and beta testers had an amazing relationship that was always a 2-way conversation. There was suggestions from us, there was explanation from the devs. Then the gold and glory update came out. We (players) all hated the update and the devs grew an enormous ego and stopped responding to concerns.

It’s really too bad that they completely ruined the best mobile game by completely halting progression. Unless, of course, you spend real world dollars. A LOT of real world dollars. We figured it was going to cost about $890 to level up to 12. Either that or it will take 780 hours of play to do it. At 1 hour a day, that’s three years to level once.

Ego is a horrible thing.


Yep, Mr. Awesome has it straight - somehow the communications team is wedded to the system put in place by Gold and Glory, and has stopped responding in the face of actual pushback from the players… It is why this forum has become a graveyard these past couple of weeks.

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Here will be my review when the game officially launches: this is the ultimate cash grab, pay to win game I have ever played. Outside the 1st 4 levels the amount of time and money you will have to spend to get anywhere is astronomical. Every update leads to a bigger cash grab and the developers do not respond to any feedback. All they want is as much of your money as they can get in the shortest period of time. Beta version of the game had such great potential then the developers got greedy. DO NOT download!


Well said Dean, the only thing I think is missing is the disappointment I feel from what could be a great game. This game was great, someone made a mistake with an update, and for some unknown reason they are unable to admit, or fix that mistake.

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Same here, waiting for it to be a full release to finally be able to rate it 1 outta 5.
It had potential… but the Balls on the devs to ask 70 $ to beta test a character, in an Early Access app game is one of the many nails in the coffin here.

I’ll keep login on once every 5 hours, hoping to drop a few cards to mayyybe gain some XP, but most of the time i just throw myself at a granite wall and cant do much anyway

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This game will not make it to full release imo.

They have destroyed it and the developers lack of communication worsens the situation.

They know all the beta testers will cruicify the game once released so unless they create 100s of fake accounts to try and swing the balance of 1stars they are sunk.


I come back every week to read the forum and secretly hope that the dev would change things with a game that was very ok and became very uninteresting…

Same thing here… Hopefully, the release of the new character will also come with an update…

I just started playing, hit the same paywall, went to the forums to see if anyone else has the same issues and yup, you definitely do. Then I see the date of OP… Dec ‘18… And 6 months later it is still the same… This game is DOA :frowning: