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Thoughts of the game so far

I recently got the game and am loving it so much! Such a clever way to tell stories! A couple of suggestions that I think could really elevate the game play…

  1. I saw someone mention this already but having a way to customize orientation and gender would be super cool, generally personalizing the game to fit the play would help deepen the experience
  2. In addition to that, being able to customize your profile would be a neat feature to include in the future. Having the ability to customize a bio or design a profile pic would be a great way to again connect on a deeper level to the game and the story
  3. Finally, in regards to gems, I think having a way to gain more gems would be a smart move. Though sub base and gem packs are great, another smart revenue idea would be to allow people to watch ads in addition to the free daily gem in order to sustainably gain gems. Be careful how you price features by gem cost though, because that can make or break an experience. In my game play experience, I found games that had ad gems voluntarily, I was more likely to click and watch if they had reasonable prices for the gem features. If I felt there was no point and I had to watch a week worth of ads to just get one feature, I often left the game

Hope these notes help!


Definitely need orientation and gender.

This might become better than actual Tinder lol