Thoughts on 1.8

Just took a gander at the notes and so far, I have positive feelings about this update. Here are my feelings:


  1. The new hybrids look interesting, especially the Smilocephalosaurus, the Brachi hybrid, and the Tany hybrid. The tany hybrid honestly looks really good, as it outruns pretty much all the top tiers except Procerathomimus (not taking boosts into account for this btw) and has a pretty good moveset.


  3. Monomimus didnt recieve a nerf for once, buffed even. Now theres incentive to use it

  4. New animations for dinos :smiley:

  5. The new dino interaction system sounds amazing, as it also gives you dna for doing it. Plus itll give incentive to use different dinos for a while, as you’ll have an extra teamslot for a different dino to experiment with

  6. Huge fan of the crit nerf and the huge dodge nerf (R.I.P Indoraptor)

7: Big fan of the new change to Monostegotops and happy the Stygidaryx got buffed

Negative feelings:

  1. Procerathomimus getting a buff, despite being a pain, but on the flipside, it’s much easier to handle since it got hard nerfed by the dodge changes as well.

  2. Thor got a damage buff… :unamused:


My thoughts about that Update?
I’m really hyped. This is more an Evolution and thats good for the Game :slight_smile:

Sanctuaries sounds really amazing, so I can collect the DNA I need.


If all goes well and we dont get another “1.7”, this should hopefully fix the game. Those of us who play arena still, We’re pretty much used to boosts, and they aren’t too bad anymore except the occasional over-boosted thing


This is the nightmare


Game killing patch. Just wait and see.


I’m looking forward to it, personally. Not sure how severely my team will be affected, but we’ll see.

I’m mostly looking forward to sanctuaries, though - it’s time to see just how many people are playing near me.

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I’m looking forward to it, but tbh, 1.7 did look ok on paper. I remember people really hyped for it. I think (and hope) this will be a great update, but really, that Stgydaryx buff made my day

Love it mostly
Especially the draco nerf
Don’t know why thor was buffed

Glad utasinraptor was untouched :blush:

Tany hybrid and the concave hybrid seem great


May I ask how it’ll kill the game, if you dont mind?

i personally think that the dsungaia its going to be the most used hybrid of this patch, it looks a bit op, but lets see how it goes

Yeah, I took a look at it, and I began thinking that that thing is going to be a monster, as Miragaia is already insane, especially when overleveled

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I also thought it was stupid, but actually Thor’s crit damage got decreased because of the changes on crit mechanics.

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Yea but Thor’s base damage is higher and can now hit through dodges. So any evasive creature went from possibily getting 0 damage to a guarantee damage against a Thor. Chomp chomp bye

I rarely went for dodges against a Thor, so I’m good. It could almost be considered a nerf, since Thor’s crit is actually 70 or 80%

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Ludia still won’t recognize the fact that people won’t take the risk on the new hybrids (outside of perhaps even-leveled tourneys) due to the cost of not only having to level the things but then also to now boost them. No, it’s not even a risk, it’s a guarantee that unless the new hybrids are inherently OP, they don’t have a chance on a team of tier 6 or 7 dinos. Even IF I had the extra boosts to spare, they sure a heck aren’t going towards a bunch of “maybes”.

This is what we call a fundamental flaw.


Try them out in friendly battles in alliences?

Magna got huge nerf, so distracted Thor probably don’t even need a crit to kill it in 2 hits.


Oh for sure, that’s always part of the process. But what I mean is in the every-day-incubator-gathering-trophies-matter-seasonal-team sense, I just can’t justify taking the boost points away from my main 8.

Its probably still going to be used though. The thing is still really good, and that distraction really does help it. And even then, it wasnt nerfed as bad as Indoraptor despite its damage buff. That thing was over-reliant on dodges to do very well, but since the dodges got reworked in a way that nerfs all dodgers, Indo’s probably gonna suffer a lot now

I don’t use Magna, so I’m still good =D

My Thor killers are Utasino and Dilorach and crits were a problem. Some freaks out there could still kill them with two crits even when distracted, but not anymore.

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