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Thoughts on best Naomlen weapon

Hi all,

Wondering what people’s thoughts r on the best Naomlen weapon

Obviously comparing equivalent levels and could be something up to a certain level, something else beyond that level etc

I think the legendary is best. 4 hits, 4 chances at Crits, plus injure on the red dice. It kills Heroes in one hit almost all the time.

Hmmm I have that at level 1 - what level you usin* it at?


The 4x critical is good, but my leg is only level 1 so doesn’t compare to the epic (nearly maxed). I usually can’t kill someone with one shot from Naomlen so the chance to disarm with the epic is incredibly valuable.

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Dwarven Blades (rare) or Pair of Shortswords (common) are the best. Both for PvE and PVP.


I have the legendary at level 2, it’s beastly

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