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Thoughts on bots

I, as well as many others believe that the biggest problem with this game when it comes to PVP is bots. I think that the biggest problems all boil down to how inconsistent the bots are.

When you play a PVP match against a human player, at least since it was fixed, unless you choose to wait, you are generally put against someone who is within 200 trophies of you. I think this is fair because 200 on either side is where the cut off of risk and reward end

If you look at the range you can end up fighting it is actually pretty big. If you are at 2500 trophies this means you could end up fighting someone who is anywhere from 2300-2700 trophies. This is a pretty big range, but to fight another human I think it is worth while.

In my experience since the patch the bots seem to fall into this same range. When you fight a human this makes sense because the game is picking a random player who is also fighting and within this range. Bots are made out of thin air so there is no need for such a large variable in strength. I wouldn’t think the game should make bots the exact same trophy count because some randomness is good, however, the range could be much smaller since, like I said, the bots are created from nothing. There is no reason I can see that bots can not be limited to 50 on either side of you or maybe even 100. There is no need for a range that is 400 wide.

When it comes to bot gear, other than the bard having the dominate weapon, it seems that they are equipped with the max possible, or very close, to what could possibly be available. I understand that there is a lot of gear that can be chosen but there should be a mix of top shelf and maybe some lesser gear. When you fight a human there will usually be that mix. I don’t suggest that a bot at higher levels should have low level common stuff, but they shouldn’t always have the best.

My biggest complaint with bots is their inconsistency in leveling. The numbers I will use aren’t exact but are used to illustrate a point.

I can fight a bot team that is said to have 2500 trophies. This bot team may have all level 13 heroes and be basically equal with the team I have. I can fight another bot team 10 minutes later that is again listed at 2500 and they will be all level 16 heroes and I have no chance to beat them. I would rather have the bots always be this much higher than have the inconsistency. At least then I would know what I was getting into ahead of time and might choose to wait and risk a higher level human opponent instead.

Again I am not saying the bots should be the same exact level every time because randomness is good, but this is too inconsistent, I believe there should be a max low and high to what the bots should be. In the scenario I stated if 2500 is considered to be where level 13’s should be than maybe any bots should be level 13 or 14 or a mix of them.


Following on from MKb

I had 3 in a row against exactly 3000 trophy bots

First one level 13’s
Next level 16’s
Next level 18’s

Sure set them a bit tougher than humans as they are a bit stupider but it is not fair to increase difficulty just because you win. And certainly not by so much

Mkb617 identified the core problem I am currently facing:

When it comes to bot gear, other than the bard having the dominate weapon, it seems that they are equipped with the max possible, or very close, to what could possibly be available.

While, I am aware not all players are experiencing this issue, it is completely destroying PvP for others. I cannot count the number of times today when my appropriately-equipped heroes are unable to damage bots, while these bots are easily destroying my heroes. On a few occasions today I have been unable to dent lower level bots with a 250% damage boost attack even when a -50% AC penalty is in effect. This has become completely unreasonable.