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Thoughts on Bumpy & future content from Rescue Riders

Recently, Jurassic World Alive announced they’ll be having Bumpy from the newer series aimed at a younger audience, as a collectible character in the game. [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.7

Given this, is it possible to have some content from Rescue Riders added to our Berk? I’m sure there’s also some older episodes of the main series to dig through for some extra Dragons too.


I really hope we won’t have any Rescue Riders dragons/characters in Rise of Berk. I don’t dislike the series, but I think it wouldn’t make sense to mix Rescue Riders with the rest of the franchise. If anything, Ludia should make a separate game focused only on Rescue Riders. But then again, this is just my opinion.
As for new dragons, I hope the RoB team considers introducing the rest of the School of Dragons original species (Devilish Dervish, Mudracker, Silver Phantom and Flame Whipper), just like they did with the Windwalker and Prickleboggle.