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Thoughts on cheaters and spoofers


I have had a bit of a problem with cheaters in games with a tournament system like jurassic world alive. Any thoughts on those who cheat here. ( This topic is controversial so no personal attacks on any members please we are here to discuss )


I’m nowhere near the top ranks, but I think flagged accounts can’t be matched with legit players. So it’s not causing problems in the rankings, cause only legit players are ranked. Ofc there still cheaters in the leaderboard, but ludia have been constantly doing bans.
Maybe someone in the top ranks can give a better opinion than mine


How to know if someone is flagged?


They should be ranked but they’re not. If you fought someone with 5000 trophies and they are not ranked you know that you just fought to a flagged account


Saw this on YouTube a little while ago
I forget the channel

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What does it mean
Sorry I don’t understand this language so I am asking

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Is this a spoofing app? @Ardens is there a way to know if this person is ranked?


@Wilshire1966 is there a risk of us being paired with a cheating account? and Do the cheaters flagged account get tournament rewards like us ?


I would assume it’s an app. I don’t know how spoofing works for this game. But judging by the Arena they’re in, theyre not on the Leaderboard, so no real way to tell if they’re ranked.


Last time i checked ranks didnt start until around 5100ish. No way in hell that guy is ranked lol


You probably are being paired with cheaters. The real issue is when they get tournament rewards, and take legit players without the possibility of getting a nice tournament incubator
Back in 1.2 almost everyone high ranked were cheaters, but ludia did a nice job getting rid of them


I am at 4200 Trophies and would have no way of knowing if someone is breaking TOS or not. At this level some folks are getting Unique and most teams are all Legendary 19 to 23 or Epic/Rare/Common equivalents. If I do get matched with a mostly Unique team of 22/23 it could just be a displaced upper tier player.

I would think it would be fairly easy for Ludia to flag accounts with unusual activity. Run game stats every 24 hours (a nightly cycle thing) and have a DBI flag accounts with more than average Rare/Epic DNA numbers. If the average Monolophosaurus or Erlik encounter is 1 to 5 a day and some users are encountering 10 or 15+ on a regular basis, something might be up and it is worth a few moments to check geolocation of those encounters. If an account is only targeting end game DNA at a faster than average rate, take a closer look.

If they were interested in putting a stop to it, I would think those accounts would show anomalies in the stats. I did this in corporate finance verifying sales and commission numbers for sales reps. Accounts that had ‘issues’ would stand right out and it was easy to verify if they were correct, or needed to be looked at further. It took 5 minutes every morning to upload a file to Access, run my program and look at the nightly numbers. And yes, some reps were pretty sly. But it was still easy to spot who the ‘anomalies’ kept happening to.