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Thoughts on creatures (poll)

Which unique creature most needs a rework? (Added ones that most stand out to me)
  • Pterovexus
  • Spinoconstrictor
  • Stygidaryx
  • Diloracheirus
  • Erlidominus

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What creature most needs a nerf? (Again, I picked imo the most problematic/obvious ones)
  • Mammolania
  • Ceramagnus
  • Hadros Lux
  • Compsocaulus
  • Monolorhino
  • Tenontorex
  • Dodocevia
  • Skoonasaurus
  • Geminititan

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*important note: Some of these changes to creatures, and creatures in general are new. I am not saying these creatures should for certain be nerfed. I am simply putting my observations of the creatures‘ performance on display, and seeing the opinion of the community. Hopefully Ludia will follow suit and make some of these changes at some point in the near future.

A 100% poll on ceramagnus nerf


Yeah, thing is pretty monstrous

for a buff, of course I pick me myself and I lol and then maybe vexus
for a nerf, I of course choose cera as it is a monster, if it was a multiple choice I’d probably choose hadros to come as 2nd, and I do wonder why some chose lania and the thanksgiving turkey but oh well


I think magnus needs it most, but mammolania does need a nerf, as if the opposing dino has 4500 health or less, and is slow enough, it loses to lania. Turkey I get less, but it does have strong damage. Stronger than many, many others. Magnus and Lux are still top priority imo. Lania I’d say after them. After that, I’m not sure what order I’d go for nerfs. One thing I’d say in regards to what I’d nerf, is that mrhino shouldn’t have dot immunity. For a tank with that much armor, shields, and stalling with cunning strike, it def shouldn’t have that


Double spinoconstrictors health, increase its attack and add on escape rampage. I think mammolania need a little nerf in armor and health

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Yeah hadros and magnus should be top prioritys RN

For lania i kinda disagree, i do think it has a bit too much dmg for that bulk but thats it, i wouldn’t say it’s right behind magnus and hadros far from that

Honestly i think CompyC is more of a problem then the turkey, i mean the fact that it’s a unique made from 2 components is a problem on it’s own, it being one of the strongest with few reliable counters is another but back on topic

I kinda see why somone would want the turkey nerfed, but it’s slower then most cunnings and not immune to speed deacrese like the dodo so mostly fine IMO

Also ye i kinda agree on mrhino, tanks in general shouldn’t be so reistant to bleed, same applys to rend. Would lower the bleed resist. To 25% and rend to 34%

Dude constrictor has 3k something hp, double hp is sauropod tier health

I’d honestly give it back exploit wound and sidedstep, on escape evasive impact and buff the decel and stun resistances to 100% as well as change distraction to cunning strike, going back to it’s original build and a general buff

Lania does not need an armour and hp nerf, thats what makes her unique, i’d honestly rather go with dmg, despite how low it already is without the dmg buff, or heck even speed, tho leaving her as she is, is also pretty much fine

If we introduced more endgame fierce to counter her i think she would maybe feel a lil underpowerd

Or even making mamoth go back to it’s original exclusivity…, but an exclusive having 2 hybrids problably isn’t the best idea ever

Anyway the only way i do think an hp and armour nerf would make scense is if they changed rhinos back to being fierce resilient and lania was desinged based on that

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Yep too much health. I agree in spinoconstrictor and lania. I guess we get a new endgame fierce uniqe if rexy will be a non hybrid legendary unless indotaurus will be a unique

Def agree on compyC and dodo, and in regards to lania, I’m definitely not saying it’s anywhere near as bad as Lux and magnus. I was saying that it should be prioritized for needs after those two. Now that I think about it though, compyC and rhino should probably be prioritized before lania.

I haven’t encountered the apexes daily in the arena, but they surely need a proper nerf of some sort, just for my game experience (and the other high score players) will be easier.

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