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Thoughts on Daily quests


So, finally managed to complete a batch of daily quests to open up the Reward Pack and here are my thoughts on all of it.

The system feels like a total joke.

It takes 250 points to open up a pack (basically 10 to 12 DAYS), and will yield something between 361 - 469 gold (at level 6, not sure if it goes up with levels), No Gems, and 78 cards (9 will be rare), that’s an average of about 30 - 40 gold and 6-7 card a day.
So yeah, it’s less than what you can gain from Free chests alone. My current free chests yields 27 - 31 gold, 2 - 4 gems, and 5 cards. So after 2 chests on a day it yields way better rewards in general.

Also, the gains are laughable when you take into account some of the daily quests are pretty expensive.

Stuff like :

Complete 65 rooms in a Challenge - Minimum of 250 Gold (5 runs, 15 rooms a run) in expenses by farming Sharpstone , yields 20 common cards and 20 points
Complete 48 rooms in Frostmine - Minimum of 400 gold (4 runs, 15 rooms a run which i currently can’t make so it was even more expensive for me) in expenses, yields 200 gold and 25 points.
Kill 25 Kobolds - Cannot give a decent estimate in gold expenses since the mobs ARE randomized and those basically only spawns in challenge for me nowadays ( so 50 Gold a run in Sharpstone). I don’t recall the rewards either but i’m convinced it wasn’t worth the cost of completing it.

And those are only 3 of the quests i had to do in the last 10 - 12 days or so…

A few possible reworks might be to adjust the cost in points necessary to actually have a feeling of progression. I think i saw that one of the packs actually cost 375 points ( so basically 18 days of grind ?)

Ideas for reworks :

  • Lower the packs costs because so far they don’t seem to be worth the time / gold expenses.
  • Better rewards for quests : 20 RANDOM common items on characters you dont use isn’t interesting
  • Add experience bonuses for your characters : you complete a quest, every character gains X number of XP that should be based on your fame level. Maybe 200 per level ?
    I’m fame level 6, that would be 1200 XP per characters. Most of my chars are level 6 ( 10000 XP needed) so it would be a decent, helpful boost . I cannot say at higher levels if it would help or not though.
  • Add Loot Chests to the rewards ( like a secret room chest ?)
  • Add more quests per day ( one per 12 hours ?)


Thanks so much @Carpenter for the feedback, we like to have the best gaming experience for our Adventurers. We have passed on your suggestions and feedback to our development team. During this period of beta testing, we understand that some of the changes that we need to test will not agree with our entire player base. We are constantly studying the performance of the game in terms of player activity and feedback, and try to make decisions that are best for the long-term success of the game. With your help, we will :):grinning:


It should be noted that which reward pack you work towards is randomly generated when you open the previous one. ATM I’m working to open a DM pack (500 points, so ~20 days). The rewards from the pack also appear to scale with level; from the DM pack, I’m lv 14, so I’m set to get ~6000 gold and 1127 cards (58 rare, 26 epic).

Some quests that are proving problematic after the Gold and Glory update:

  • Complete X# of dungeons using all 4 her archetypes
    – Eg. X = 24, Points = 20
    – 1 Challenge = 1 dungeon, no matter how many rooms you complete. That means you need to spend gold enough to enter a dungeon X# of times!
  • Open Y# of chests
    – The only chests we get now are the free ones from the store every 4 hours, and those from secret and Hero rooms.
    – Although, I do seem to always manage to clear that quest pretty quickly by getting lucky with secret rooms during my challenge runs!

I do like that we can replace one challenge/day. It might be worth noting that one some days were I have a 15 point mission (and I’ve already used my replace for the day), I’ll purposefully go off to play something else, since I don’t want to accidentally complete the 15 point mission. I would thus suggest that all missions grant the same number of points, so players don’t feel like they’re wasting quests by completing the 15 point ones.


The two types of quests I really have an issue with are beating adventure levels with a specific character, and dungeons/bosses in challenge mode.

The adventure mode is only manageable when you’ve gotten some new epic or legendary gear, or a few level ups. I generally only beat adventure levels when I have this quest, and then I have to do them multiple times as currently the monsters are 3 levels higher than me, so I need lots of luck to beat those levels.

in challenge mode, I have to pay gold to complete the quest, either room, bosses or a specific enemy. I had one for 36 trolls awhile back and I can only get to level 9 in Hidden Forge, usually only get to kill 3 or 4 trolls in each run. it cost me close to 2000 gold to complete a quest which gave me 25 points and 300 gold. this doesn’t make any sense.

I also had no idea we can replace a quest a day, I’ve always been afraid to hit that X, as I assumed we didn’t get a replace and those point are precious, I’m currently working towards a 375 point pack. Now that I know that, I’ll be dumping those 15 point ones for sure.


yeah, the 15 points “rewards” we randomly get are a problem, especially versus the higher packs ( i saw 500 Points for some of them ?)

Would make an unlucky player need to wait 34 days for a pack, which definitely would not be worth it.

Another thing i just noticed, some rewards are ridiculous, i just received this quest :

Combat focus : Ranged
Perform 350 ranged attacks . Rewards : 1 card , 20 points.

I’m currently at 6 characters unlocked. What are the chance i actually get a card i need / that is worth doing the quest ? That seems pretty minimal to me.


You’re going to get an epic card.
There used to be a slight exploit where people could grind and know which card rarities they were going to get in the chests, until the devs removed the iconography… And the chests.


Quite amazing, Mr. A. I am unsure I have ever
seen developers with such a lack of positive
action for sooooooo long.