Thoughts on my lineup?

Lemme know where i should go from here.

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Keep working on lvl 30 legendaries and maybe get 2 copies of each so you can fuse them to lvl 40 when you’re ready.
Maybe don’t level up your diplos straight to lvl 10, keep them at lvl1

for me you can even maximize a legendary not too strong like unaya

Yes, i think eventually ill level up pteranodon to get a better flier

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Whats wrong with leveling up the diplos? They are only a little better than nundago

I think max ptera is a great idea!

also maximize laby

Lvl 10 Diplo has a ferocity of 3993 while nundago has a ferocity of 2993. That’s 1000 ferocity difference which is a lot. If you don’t know how I know then read this:

well, it’s a little weird to say that, but… you… should focus on carnivores… it hurts to say that! you are excellent in amphibians but your carni are too weak

Nunda IS a lvl 30,diplo IS lvl 10 ?

I mean that for me it’s not huge, but two stronger dino is an indominus of lvl 30 and an erlipho of lvl 30, the difference is huge but it didn’t bother me