Thoughts on my team? (level 10)

I’m at player level 10 and 2343 trophies in Badlands, is it too weak?

Level up your erlikogamma, work towards allosinosaurus and thylacotator, and replace t rex and spinotahraptor with it. You also need resilients in your team. With all the flocks running around, i thing brontolasmus would be a good option. Even out the level gaps. Otherwise, great team! I didnot even start fusing indominus rex when u was your level.
You can also work towards creatures like velosrhacos, argenteryx, monolometrodon, if you want to. These are not a must.
Replace spinotahraptor as soon as possible. Thylacotator would be a good replacement, it is a better bleeder and also has speed control and rend. It would also be useful in the long run.
Hope that helped!

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Thanks I’ll work towards them

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Looks fine I guess. My alt team is level 10 and most creatures are a higher level, so keep leveling stuff up

If this is a thread for recommondations/teams I’m wondering my team is good

Work on leveling gamma, I speak from experience when I say its useful.

Use allosino! It is amazing! Also drop majunga its bad. Drop tanycolagreus too.

Use Allosino instead of tahy imo, level up thyla

Ok thanks for the advise

When you mean gamma do you mean erlikogamma?

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The team changes and the indomonous stats

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Yeah, erlikogamma

why is grylenken benched? swap gry for concav

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Yeah, do as @Valsa_Sajish said

grylenken is currently one of the best legendaries available bcoz stunning obstruction

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Ok sorry it kinda felt like you were getting mad at me but not in a good way. Kinda like when a parent wants you to do good in something

I’ll do that on monday

I just unlocked Dracoceratops and got allo to lvl 15 and has 1000 dna but I’ll grind more, Just Searching for sinoceratops now

Is level 15 ok for erlikogamma?

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