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Thoughts on my team


Thoughts on my team please cuz I think its plenty good enough to be at 4500

What are you up to this fine saturday?

I took Indom out of mine a while ago because it became too situational with all the shields around. Took Tryo out because it’s just a bit too squishy to deal with the overleveled Stegodeus everyone has.
I always have, and always will promote the use of Megalosuchus, though =]


what did you replace them with? i’m struggling with those two as well.


Is it not over 4500? I’m over that I think yours is slightly better than mine :thinking:


Take out Indominus & swap in Tragodistis. Your team only has 2 tanks, making you more exposed to harder hits. I’m personally a big advocate of keeping atleast 3 tanks on my team. Plus, Indominus has way too much RNG involved to depend on its success

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Well Heather I was at 4567 yesterday and then lost about 20 battles, went clear down to 4100s then ,now at 4300


Thanks Mark, I was trying to get it to 21, then swap it in, but I may go ahead and do that


I swapped Indom for Magnapyritor eventually, and Tryo with Utarinex. Up until I unlocked those, it was a revolving door in those two slots lol. I used Pyrritator, Ankyntro, Rajakylo (who eventually ended up sticking,) Utasinoraptor. I went thru so many tryin to find the right squad.