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Thoughts on New fun addition to getting dna

There can be like a helicoptor that you drive to sedate the dinos and bring them back to your lab. there can be Basic coptors, common coptors, rare coptors, epic coptors, legendary coptors, and unique as well as themed coptors similar to themed scents. Apex dont count.

The idea is that the coptor takes a dinosaur that you see and choose. A basic coptor can take anything but a specific coptor only takes cratures that fit the coptor choice. They capture a creature, hold it in its lab for 1-3 hours based on how large it is and dna is collected slowly and later released back into the wild for you to dart. If you see a creature you like, don’t dart it. Capture it first, then release it back and it will still be avaible to dart because it will be asleep for 1 hour but will be automatically woken up once darted.

A basic coptor collects 10 common, 5 rare, 3 epic, 2 legendary, 1 unique per minute. A coptor meant specifically for a certain creature or rarity will make twice as much dna. Longer ones will be harder to get.

Ok. However, what if you released the dinos yourself? Like say I need Anky dna for Dio. I could have Anky be released, and a few minutes or couple hours later, I can dart it with the Helicopter. However, I think that rate is a little too high. Maybe if it was every 2 or 3 minutes. With 1 unique dna per minute, that’s 60 in an hour, so after 2-3 hours, you get a sizable chunk of dna by doing almost nothing.
If we did it every 3 minutes, that’s only 20 per hour, which is a little more reasonable. This should have a long cooldown though. Actually, it could come once a week, maybe Friday or Saturday. On those days, the helicopter team returns and you can release a Dino, or a dino could break free from captivity. If it gets released, that is the dino you can get dna for only. If one breaks out though, then that dino can be sedated and dna could be collected, even if you let one get released earlier.

Ok, you get 10 common dna, 5 rare, 3 epic, 2 legendary , 1 unique dna per 3 minutes. You can release it on your own.

Basic copters come every four days, themed come every three, common come every 2 days, rares come every three, epics come every four, legendaries come once a two weeks, and unqiues come once a month. Onc you reach your limit for special events, then they disapear forever so you dont get extra dna.

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