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Thoughts on New.Schedule

This is my thoughts on the whole new schedule:

In short, WHY?

There was no issues with the previous schedule. The themes we can argue another time.
The Old Schedule: Start easy with commons. Many are easier versions of rares or epics so good warm up. Then rares same thing. Then epics. Harder to find later in the week. Helps with Alliance missions too. Allows some strategic thinking and less fusing to hit quota.

The New Schedule: Rares. 2 days. Okay… What if we need rare DNA for mission lvl 5 450k Rares? Nvm minor point. Next 1 gap then 36 tries in 1 day. then break then the normal Epic.

Then comes the gaps. We dun need breaks from the game as much as that is healthy so is eating vegan and not everyone wants to be forced to do so. Breaks should be imposed by the player via mature planning not by arbitrary days. What if I wanna hardcore play on Wednesday because I need a break before a crazy day on Thursday at work.

Next, 1 day to catch all the commons. 36 tries, 24 tries, 9 tries, if you are busy that day it doesnt matter. 36 tries in 1 day is doable but why is Ludia rewarding people who use transport to farm?

This is new schedule is poorly thought through and brings nothing good to the game.

It doesnt reduce the gap between the good and the casual since the quality of dinos is the same even the number of chances. It doesnt make players want to play more since there are days with near zero fresh content. It doesnt make whale players spend more since they spend when the week’s dinos are good and not when they have nothing to do.

The key message to Ludia. Never allow you players to not have your app open everyday to achieve a big objective made up of many small ones. Daily dinos are part of it. Even crappy ones can be used to be way points to keep players engaged.

This is how PoGo lost me. The missions were too easy OR the missions were just ridiculous. 200 possible spawns and you want me to find X pokemon? 10 Ice Pokemon? In the tropics? Ditto? Cubone?

Once a player closes the app for the day after playing the game for 10 to 20 mins, the game has failed. That is me with PoGo. Do daily spin, daily mission and daily catch, close app. Not playing.

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