Thoughts on Refrenantem? Poll

PVP wise, I feel like ref is interesting and very situational a good example is vs grypo.
However I do feel like the turn 1 dmg hurts it too much but that may differ with boostes, sadly I can’t booste it because I’m saving for haast.

  • Strong
  • Weak

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As a cunning

  • Amazing cunning
  • Weak cunning dies to easily
  • 50/50

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  • Strong immunities
  • Weak immunities
  • Overall good

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  • Need more health
  • Needs less health
  • Needs more damage
  • Needs less damage
  • Needs more speed
  • Needs less speed

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  • Amazing
  • Meh
  • 50/50 on it

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  • Amazing moveset
  • Good but it can be improved
  • Trash moveset

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Super distraction

  • Amazing super useful
  • Awful needs changing
  • Overall decent

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[EDIT] im not sure how you add multiple votes.

Interested to find other peoples opinions on the apex.

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Well first, I think there should be more options in the poll. I myself think it will be at least good in Pvp, its not gonna destroy everything, but with SD being instant and having bleed, its gonna do a fair bit, plus decent resistances.

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I agree with @Cheeseeater. It’s gonna destroy Thor and all that. But it desperately needs a resistance buff. !00% distraction and DOT resist is needed

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I think it has DoT resistance, but its 25% I believe. I mean really?

Yes. 25%. That’s horrible

Agreed. I mean Spinonyx has 75% and its a fierce (it says fierce cunning, but what part of its kit is Cunning?!)


Hmm, speed? :rofl:

  1. Not quite fast enough. Though that outspeeds both Dilos

More the reason to buff dilo( preferable the rare one)

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I can add some more choices :+1:

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Agreed. Dilo is exclusive, should be a good Rare Cunning

I have faced one or two. And they’ve actually beat me with that solely (at base, and my team is 27s). It has counters for sure (less now with no decel) but can still do good vs fierce with that counter and moves. I like it overall

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My Refrenantem Rework

A better turn 1 move with improved speed & resistance


The CR is really good. I’d rather not touch that. Maybe a counter attack that deal damage?

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Like this… ?

I added better basic move… but it can use Rampage on T1 when on Revenge…


I like it

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10 Characters

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Maybe 100% DOT resist

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