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Thoughts on RNG in battle

How is your experience with RNG in battle, is it usually in your favor or usually against you. I ask this because somehow my opponents’ overpowered, over boosted Sinoceratops and Velociraptors get more criticals than my Tyrannosaurus Rex and my stuns never seem to work while my opponents’ are nearly always effective

It’s 50/50.
Could be 49.9 / 50.1, I’m not sure. But it’s a psychological effect to think that odds are against you. No one can back it up with proper empirical data (although I would love to be proven wrong).

Well I did some simple logging on 50-50 chances and 67-32 against me so far. I’ve started doing some dodge stuns - 5 out of 6 for opponents and 1 out of 6 for me - critical hits are 5 out of 25 for a 20% chance for opponent and 1 out of 12 for me. So I have done some logging have the stats and think there is something very amiss. (unless of course I’m just very very unlucky!)

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