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Thoughts on scent capsules

There should be an option to gain extra coins from extra scent capsules. Seriously, I’m so sick of “wasting” scent capsules just because you can only hold 2/2 at maximum! >:frowning:

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That limit only applies to the free ones. If you buy them from the store, you can carry as many as you can afford.

Ludia in their infinite wisdom if they buy them they can go over the limit but miss out on free ones. My response i just wont buy any so i dont miss out on the free ones.


Free capsules are amazing and have been coming at a faster rate than I can keep up with sometimes too. I even missed out on a rare capsule because I did the best weekly strike tower for capsules while stoped at a super long left turn light 2 days ago. This is a good problem for us players to have in my opinion. Sry, not sry. Thanks for the increased freebies, Ludia!!

I have a broken foot, so I can’t hunt as much as I did. Because of the free scents I can at least hunt a little bit more. Okay, there are always at least 2 or 3 i can use. Everything helps😊 .