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Thoughts on some Stat/Moveset Adjustments?

Hello! I just wanted to share my own thoughts and hear other opinions on the current stats and movesets of some Dinos. Let me know what you all think!

  1. Ready to Crush- I know I’m not the first nor only one to say this but I do think ready to crush needs to either provide more or be replaced. For example if it provided a 1.5x attack boost + 25% crit for one turn after use, it would be much more viable.(this may not be realistic but it would be nice!)

2.) Tryostronix-In the same frame of mind I kinda think tryostronix needs some damage boost. Now I don’t think it needs to be overhauled but I feel that either an increase in attack or more heavy hitting moveset would be beneficial. In my opinion I’d love to see Tryo get a slight attack boost paired with an improved moveset. Maybe a small boost in attack paired with giving RtC some more “pack-a-punch” quality would let Tryo be able to counter more heavy hitting tanks.

3.) Monolometrodon- This is just a little idea, but I think Monolometrodon would become much more useful with a little boost in attack or a rampage attack.

4.) Vulnerabilty Impact- I think this would be an interesting move worth adding to some dinosaurs. Off the top of my head I could see Alankylosaurus, nodosaurus, amargacephalus all benefit from this.

These are the main things I’ve been thinking of with JWA lately. Lastly, I hope these ideas of mine spark some new ideas from everyone else as well! Hopefully we may see some further advancements in the game! Thanks for reading!

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I think Vulnerability needs to have a bigger role. I’m not sure a single Legendary hybrid or up has it.

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I’d also love to see like an “Immunity Shield”


i agree with those dinos neef a little buf on the attack, monolometrodon could be a beast if there is a big change on that dino, actually a high lvl monolometrodon if you don’t have the precise dino to deal with it’s very annoying. Tronix actually i put it in the bench because i recently create Tenontorex and tenonto works very fine too.

That vulnerability impact or some kind of skill will be very interesting if it’s implemented

Honestly i don’t think Tryo needs a buff to attack. Starting with big attack isn’t its niche. It gets there over time. R2C is a dilemma. It’s “go minus 2 instantly.” What i’m thinking would fit R2C better is if it healed or cleansed as well. But not a priority heal or cleanse. Of course this affects pyrritator more, and makes that move a viable option for it.

But back on topic i don’t think Tryo needs a dmg buff, especially if you manage to pull off an R2C FS boosted crit DSR. 6×DMG at the end of calculation.

I think that makes sense. I like the idea of getting some health from RtC I think that would make the move worth it much more.

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