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Thoughts on swap in moves


After playing many battles after the update drops. I think the swap in moves should occur after the priority moves, but before regular moves will make it more balancing. My reasons are as follows:

  1. Some swap in moves are not very effective. @Legomin1314 once pointed this out and suggested Ludia should add a damage component to moves like swap in nullification and swap in stun, but this may potentially make many dinos resemble the features of dracoceratops except they don’t do as much damage, which makes damage more important than its effect. By making swap in moves occur after the priority moves will make them very useful as if you can swap in a swap in nullification dino exactly on the same turn when indo does evasive, you don’t take damage but the opponent indo cannot use its evasive for the next 3 turns which helps this ability a lot. Swap in stun is for the same reason, if you predict a priority move is coming, you can do the swap and the opponent dino will be stunned in the next turn so you can do whatever you want.

  2. Many players have problems with swap in damage dealers like dracoceratops. What really gives players headache is not killing a dino with low hp, but the potential multiple swap ins like: You know they are going to swap in this little guy but it’s still going to do over 2000 damage. By setting swap in moves after priority moves, it makes easier to deal with swap in damage dinos because it’s much more predictable when you know your opponent have a dracoceratops and on the opponent’s second swap, you can use instant distraction, regeneration, instant charge, or even evasive and cloak to mitigate this damage. In the meantime, this will still keep dracoceratops very useful since your opponent don’t know you have this dino on the first time you swap it in. It just gives players far more ways to counter it other than swapping in a fresh dino to take a rampage if you want to do it multiple times in a single match.

Any thoughts? Healthy debates are welcomed!


I actually had the same thought, that priority moves should go first. I think it would give players a way to legitimately deal with a predicted swap in. I’m sick of having to guess if I need to swap any time a dino gets below 2.5K HP.

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Swap in attacks!


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Can I like this twice? Completely agree with 2. Even if dracocera maybe had a 1 turn delay on regenerate to prevent people swapping in and out multiple times. I like the idea of INSTANT moves going first as IMO they should do… given their name.


I had the same idea as well. What use is swap in nullification on procerathomimus if indominus will just kill it anyways? There’s no point in that.


Not actually. I’m running dracoceratops on my team as well, currently lv23. I just think instead of potentially nerfing this creature and making many people unhappy someday, why not making this creature require some tactics to use multiple times in one battle? So on the second swap, at least you have to be aware of priority moves other than just knowing I’m going to do this much damage.


Priority moves should go before the swap-in ability. It would balance out the swap-in actions a lot more.


I disagree. It would make moves like instant charge far too powerful. Some dinos rely on swap-in stun, or shields to assist in their entrance. Allowing something like instant charge to override that kills the ability.


But a lot of swap-in moves… stun and rampage, for example, are far too powerful. Dracorex and Dracoceratops are both prime examples of this.

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Instant charge has one turn delay. Unless you swap in against dino that has already available Instant charge, thats not an issue.


Swap-in stun isnt overpowered, it doesnt even do any damage. Sure, rampage seems to be an issue for some people, but you can’t blanket destroy swap-ins because one of them is overpowered.


It doesn’t do damage but the percentage is way too high. It’s broken.

I wouldn’t destroy the swap-in’s but I do think that priority moves should have priority.


Delay doesn’t matter. It’s still a game-breaking issue. Let’s say you want to swap-in Alanky on Utasino for some reason after it’s already made a move. It calls it and instant stuns you before you can swap-in invincible. Your turn is done. What happens on the next turn? Does it auto invincible for you? What about actually selecting skills because it’s a new turn? It’s also faster than you, and gets to hit you a 2nd time before you ever get to shield.


66% zero damage is too high? What, and every other stun skill (75%) in the game isn’t terrible? It’s perfectly balanced if not underpowered because it’s not 75% like all the others.


I take that back. Just looked it up and it;s the Acute Stun which is 100%. My bad.


I completely agree with OP, priority moves should be first always as they are priority.

From start when Draco G2 first introduced, I always feels that the priority moves goes first. Like evasive or cloak; they are useless if they don’t get priority.

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Why would this be gamebreaking?

Gamebreaking is Dracocera that is able to swap in three times. I have no problem countering Dracocera, but many people does have problems.


To be honest, I will never swap in a creature when I know my opponent got a stun move available. Even if invincibility swap in act first, you are going to be stunned next turn and the opponent can do whatever he wants.


I was going to say something similar. I’d never swap in my Alankylo if they had a nullifier, so just don’t swap in Draco if they have an instant charge ready. If anything, this brings more balance to the game since it forces people to be a bit more thoughtful when swapping in.

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aye! you took the words right out of my brain. we’d make great friends.

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