Thoughts on Tarbognathus?

I gave him a quick look on jwa field guide and it looked pretty powerful. After finally unlocking it feels worse then epic compy. it is unable to use its attack heal unless there is only one left alive, this would be fine if it wasnt so slow but since it is itll die before it can make use of it unlike compy. It does not have swap immunity so there is a high chance it wont use its swap in heal either, of which I hear is bugged anyway. The damage is good so no complaints there but still going to be a 3 hit on most dinos so the damage is the same as pretty much every other flock. To me it feels like he is the weakest flock of all of them epic to unique. Maybe this is just a test to see how to nerf flocks in general?

Honestly he’s pretty good. But I’d recommend making it so that he can evade before 1 flock since that would make his heal attack ability useful against faster opponents. It’s pointless having evade at 1 flock since if your hp is at a certain point the evade will be useless and it’ll do the normal amount of damage


Tarbognathus can be very strong if used right. It has a good anti-tank trapper moveset that can kill the majority of resilient and fierce creatures that don’t have strong group attacks. Its main weakness is its lack of distract resistance, leading it to be countered by faster cunnings, so a resilient you can safely swap into pairs well with it.


Tarbonathus is a really good damage dealer, moves are insane! But it’s resistances, meh. Honestly, if they give it a 100% resistance to stun and a higher resistance to speed decrease, it would be better.