Thoughts on team


I normally wouldn’t do this, but I’m basically getting wrecked in the 6th arena. Looking for feedback on my team. I’ve only been playing for a few weeks. Thanks in advance.


Not bad with regard to variety (tanks, armor-piercing, etc.), but 6 of your 8 are Epic creatures—meaning they’re difficult to find and therefore difficult to level up.

I’d recommend subbing Concavenator or Stygimoloch for Stegosaurus for the time being, and consider leveling up and adding Utahraptor to your team.

Otherwise, I’d say keep on collecting DNA for creatures that will give you powerful hybrids later on—like Nodopatosaurus and Stegoceratops. Best of luck and happy hunting!


Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. Which Utah raptor hybrid is better to go after? I don’t want to level it if I should be putting th dna towards the level 10 hybrid.


No problem!

As far as Utahraptor hybrids go, I have yet to unlock either of them, so I’m not sure what their stat difference is…but it might not be a bad idea to hold off on evolving Utahraptor until you’re able to create Spinotahraptor. Your Spinosaur is already at level 10, after all. Perhaps some other players will be able to provide some additional insights and suggestions, but it’s your call, regardless!


Looks good, my only note would be that lvl 14 Steg should go in based on level alone. It’s moves are pretty good also.

At early arena you will find a lot of battle won by only a few hp. I would recommend always using your top level until most dinos are 15-16 and then you really have to focus your spends. At the point I recommend spending on the dinos that unlock higher tier.


Since I last posted, I unlocked the stegoceratops. I’m just trying to decide who to take out for regular stego. I appreciate the both of you taking the time to weigh in and assist me with your comments earlier.


Swap Stego for concavenator