Thoughts on the 3 uniques of the update and how could ludia improve them a little bit

ok don’t get me wrong about the title i love the hybrids indotaurus and phorurex are broken is just something: The resistances

Indotaurus just put it more speed and distraction and dot resistance that’s all i ASK
Or at least see carnotaurus more often in the wild

right ludia?

Phorurex… Actually this is more of a nerf, since ITS BROKEN even more than indotaurus is… since it has like and instant cunning strike, that can 1 hit ko magna, spyx and other cunnings, but i am just saying put his attack down… and as well put him swamp in immunity

PUT HIM something… he is like the worst of the 3, indotaurus can cloak and kill him, and phoru can do lethal thingy and run, It needs more health its weak honestly… tha damage and speed are great but its really weak compered to the other 2, Arctops had distraction immunity give him at least 75%

This is just a way the could buff this hybrids so dont get me wrong of If u understand I hate them its not the case is that indo gen 2 can kill indotaurus if it goes for cloak and definitive strike, phorusaurusa and the rex are 50%50%
so its a wai to improve them a little bit…
and if they get super OP nerf them…

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Agree mainly on andrewtops health buff, it lacks resilient aspects like precision so a health buff could somewhat at least make up for that. This is mainly because of how hard it is to unlock that I think it should be buffed


Are you seriously asking to buff indotaurus. It’s already quite strong if not a bit broken. Also spinocon and scorpio should kill it since they’re cunning fierce and indotaurus is only fierce (even though it has a cleansing rampage for whatever reason).
I agree with the rest of your post though.


Well at least make it immune to something…

If they add more resistances to it I think they should lower some of it’s stats and to get the 50% distraction resistance it shouldn’t have cleansing rampage. Maybe have fierce rampage instead or something similar.
Well after thinking about it, indotaurus could have full stun immunity since it doesn’t necessarily make it that much stronger and it’s not like indom gen2 hasn’t stun immunity

post edited?

when i was reading i saw a description of a broken indotaurus, then im back to post and see a nerf ask.

I Thought and said Damn it it would very OP
but honestly needs at least speed its vey slow
Its usefull thou

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I think we must find more counters first. Seriously, they just came out

i just faced one…
good counter spinocon

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tbh fierce rampage with 50% distraction resistance would be a crap load of damage. Taurus is fine where it is right now. It has great stats with some alright resistances. In my opinion it not having speed immunity was a good choice because then you would see nitro speed boosted taurus. It’s fine as it is. It has a good health pool so it can tank a good amount of hits etc. If anything it should remain as is.