Thoughts on the game

Started playing this game sometime this year, mainly out of my big interest in dinosaurs and Jurassic park franchise.

After playing for a while ( and spending some money onto it) I came to the stage of disappointment.
Reached level 19 in game and my highest trophies level of 4371, I found myself unable to advance further due to many things.
First of all lack of epic DNA makes me unable to make or evolve several legendary creatures therefore stuck , and once in a week option to request from a alliance doesn’t make the issue easier.
Second boosts have gone insane so no strategy can beat paid boosts. If I am experiencing this in arena 9, don’t want to think about higher ones.

So really it seems as if you want to advance further you should spend more money, which I am not prepared to do.

You don’t need to spend money to advance further, all spending money does is speed the process up.

This is a long term game, it’s not a quick win. Put in the effort, get the reward.


But what if everyone else is passing you buy due to spending money? How to beat that?

Exactly. It’s totally possible to reach the highest arena while spending 0. It just takes time (a lot) and playing optimally.


How to work around epic DNA not being much available and boosts everywhere ruining every bit of strategy?
All of those things severely impacted my enthusiasm about the game

For epic DNA, you need to be in an alliance with level 20 sanctuaries (you can get up to 124 epic DNA per day if you use all your sanctuary resources) then you need to be moving and hunting in the zone the creature you are looking for is. You need to run scents and giga scents. For boosts you need to get your DBI every day, max the boosts from the event supply drops get the 3 25 boosts towers per week that is just to keep up with others and not fall down. If you want to catch up, you need to speed up incubators (15m, 3h and 8h when it costs less than 45 HC, do not speed up 12h and 24h incubators as there are no boosts in there).


In any game where money is involved people will speed ahead, JWA is no different. You will still progress, but at a normal rate, and still face plenty of people that play for free.


Thank you , recently I got mad at my alliance since in one lvl 20 sanctuary there were more rare then epic creatures, but it got sort of fixed
It’s just tough transitioning to spending ridiculous amount of money to being more cautious about it