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Thoughts on the New News Center

Personally I love the new news Center. It gives us all of the information in one place instead of having to go into the forums itself. Let me know your thoughts on the updated news center


I like it. More aesthetically pleasing.

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I agree with that

It’s great. Can we get rid of those full-page notifications on game load now? They cause issues – if you accidentally tap the map before the full-page notification fully loads, you lock the game up and can’t spin the map.

I like it, its simple but so usefull especially when we can see even calendar in there

i’m still adjusting. i don’t not like it but i was so use to seeing the pics of the hybrid pursuit and missions etc that now they are in their own little open windows. the new open windows are legit though with very detailed information. so overall it was a great addition. this will help players stay more connected to what is going on that are not on the forum or on discord servers.

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I think the new News Center was a great addition for the JWA community. it gives us the info all in one place which is awesome.

I think it’s neat! I love how we can get our info all in one place rather than having to go to the forums, and I like the style of the News Center too.