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Thoughts on the new update and the road Ludia is heading

They took away cash in the trades and with the new mods almost every feature challenge uses them. It was hard enough playing them all even as a VIP member. Now it’s such a cash grab the only way to play is to pay for in game cash to speed up the wait time OR have enough dinos of equal level to play through them all. After years of playing, and having the best dinos in the game, they still pit you off against level 10000 triceratops (exaggerating but you get the idea) and you get wrecked.

I am forced to play the game less unless I pay obscene amounts of money. I don’t get the thought process behind this. Are they trying to scare us away or are they banking on that one guy who will cough up thousands in micro transactions just to get an indoraptor? Lol if that poor soul is dumb enough to cough that money up he probably doesn’t foresee the top dino being outmatched.

Shameful. Please make a quality game that allows players to open the app and do something other than money manage. PvP needs a revamp. It feels like I face a computer 90% of the time. Add emotes, skins, dino enclosure decorations, chat, guilds. Let me see other peoples islands.

Keep up this 70 dollar for a T-Rex ad and I 100% not renewing my VIP. Also bring back cash at the trade harbours. Don’t be cheap. This mentality is what promotes players hacking which ruins the game for everyone. The main subreddit for this game has the mods promoting hacking services. On the other side of the spectrum, a game like Clash Royale has it’s subreddit frequented by the developers and the community is heard.


Just to comment on one thing (agree with most of what you say otherwise). ALL the PvPs are against the computer. Personally I prefer it that way, although I think it might be nice for players to be able to visit and play friends in the game (not random opponents… there’s JWA if that’s your thing).


I waited until i could verify it myself, hoping (rather foolishly) that the dino buck removal from the trade harbor was bug that some players were experiencing. It wasn’t, it’s intentional, and it’s (i really don’t want to say this) shameful. But it is. This is easily the worst part of the recent dino buck genocide. It’s stupid, cheap, and NOTHING of value will come out of it. They want money? Cool, but pissing off your loyal fans will not make them spend money. It’ll just make them quit. It’s like punching someone, and expecting him to pay you in return.
I’ll try to adapt to this, as there’s still a lot more for me to do in the game, such as unlocking my favorite dinosaur, and building on Sorna, wich is a great addition to the game, and it shows that the game still has potential (i just noticed the trailer from the second movie hanging from a cliff, great detail, but shouldn’t it be the other way around? Am i going crazy?) if only they’d stop the stupid nerfing of anything beneficial to the players. I’m glad i never became VIP, and i’ll keep playing, because i want to enjoy the game. Just let us enjoy the game Ludia. It’s all we ask.


Sadly, the message I got back from support was the developers had removed the option for custom trade to get dino bucks. (random trades still give dino bucks, thankfully). So this was an intentional change from the sounds of it. And Ludia knows how much this is driving people away.

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Yeah, they know that we hate it, yet they still do it. I just wish to know what the thought process behind these is. “Hey, that’s helpful to the players! Away with it!”. I mean what’s next? Are they gonna get rid of say, Clash of Titans? Sure, sounds crazy, but honest to God it would not surprize me at this point.

So, what I’m hearing is “don’t press the update button”? The only thing I have to deal with right now is the stupid speed up reduction, but I can still do 2 custom daily trades for dinobucks. Sure, I’m level 50 and I don’t have access to the new island, but I haven’t filled up the starter anyway, so I might as well take the opportunity to do the custom trades coins for bucks until the game force-updates.

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Maybe it’s just me, but is anyone else seeing an increase in the amount of random trades for DBs? Maybe they’re trying to compensate?

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Not for me, sadly.

A bit yeah. I think what your better off doing is any legendary creatures or super rares, hold on to them, or use the custom trade to get some, then use the 50 dino buck reset, or wait until you see a trade for dino bucks.
2bh, i found some offers for dino bucks at random actually offer more than custom trade did. Like a VIP building could be offered for 200 dino buck at random. When if i used custom trade, it’d be worth 95 dino buck.
So while it is frustrating that they’ve done this, there still a few smart ways to get dino bucks out of the trade. Just not as regularly as before.

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Yes on the dino buck increase trade rate, and loyalty points. The last week I’ve been getting more and better trades in the trade harbor and winning more packs in PVP. I’ve spent maybe 10,000 DB this week so far and I’m still ahead of where I started. I get that many are complaining, but things seem to be different and maybe a bit better compared to the same time a month ago.

I’m not trying to sound like a jerk, but the game feels much improved to me. Still a few bugs here and there, but improving.


I think it is just luck on the trades three weeks ago I had a great run where I was getting lots of DB trade offers and VIP point offers. But for the last two weeks it has been dribbling in compared to that week. So I am not sure they have physically changed the algorithm to offer more standard trade harbor offers for those resources. Or at least I have not seen a consistency to anything that would lead me to a conclusion that there was a permanent change. I just logged in and had 6 or 7 of my trade offers be for coins, a great VIP thought would be if you are going to remove custom trades from us give us the ability to turn off a type of resource trade in the standard harbor. Let us tell CD what we would prefer to get and make those a higher percentage of our standard trades offered.


100% agree with @Mary_Jo on her response. I was literally thinking the exact same thing here, when reviewing the original post.

I agree 100% with the suggestion to be able to view other people’s parks. The fact that the predecessor to this game (JP Builder) had that feature, along with trades between players, AND moving guests in the park/s, showed a marked regression between the old game to the new.

You’re also spot on with your complaints about the DB resource reductions, which actually extend beyond just the trade harbor into events as well… I agree with the complaint against the balancing when it comes to the battles in this game- having the top level creatures should enhance a player’s ability to win battles, not reduce it.

But I just can’t get on board with modding. Never have, never will resort to something like that.

they’re intentionally tanking this game, there is no reason to piss off your player base whatsoever. if this is the road we’re heading down, then i have no problems requesting them to delete my progress and removing this game from my phone. the year before was so fun and i gained so much progress, now im losing bucks and DNA faster than i can get it, all because they continue to take things away from the players in the vain attempt to get us to spend money.

incase it was missed, im beyond pissed and sick of ludia’s childish display of selfishness. lol

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I personally don’t have a problem with ludia/Jurassic world the game trying to make money they are a company with employees that require pay checks I just wish they would consider what the game players are up set with and put Dino bucks back in all their packs and stop putting coins in them and consider the long time players and vip players that pay every month and encourage more players to want to be a vip player by making vip a luxury with more incentives for being vip just my opinion

I don’t think any of us have a problem with them trying to make money, heck, it’s one of the reasons I was willing to pay for the VIP In the first place… but there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about it. They could not be doing it more wrong if they tried! Totally agree on how they should be trying to improve the benefits of the VIP rather than decreasing them, that’s something I’ve been saying for months on this forum actually! I’ve seen many good ideas on here of other ways they could be getting players to spend money without making the game worse in the process.


these are bad times in the game. We all agree. Gaming beaver said in his video, that Crash course bandicoot is having the same sort of crisis. So what do we expect? If the game docent change, it will probably be deleted because the game is tough with the Dino but, and no one would be surprised if something else happens, like the same thing happens to DNA. Otherwise, if they remove this, that would’ve just been a dip in the game. But if nothing changes, The game will be meeting its doom.

Many of us ‘older’ players remember the times when there was no trade harbor and no custom trades.
Some of us may consider this as going back to the roots, but for most this is regression.

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Found another ‘improvement’. The daily Loyalty point awards received from the facebook links used to give me double being I was a VIP…no longer does that.

Yay for the ‘improvements’!!!

It has never doubled for me. (Which always annoyed me since it’s usually such a small amount anyway).

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I always collect it on Twitter and the last time it was doubled.