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Thoughts on the tournament and the current meta

Basically this is just made to share people thoughts on the endgame meta, the newly buffed dinos, and new flock. As well as the current meta.

I think it’s fine, nothing feels ridiculously OP, just certain creature are more annoying than others. I’ve been enjoying it when there hasn’t been stupid RNG

The flock creature is not like that visible at all. I am pretty sure when it will be, it will disturb a lot is because it doesn’t suit the correct meta :sweat_smile:

I’ve actually felt to many creature were pretty bad. Like tryko for example feels so bad and idk. Same with grypo. Meanwhile all the turtle hybrids basically controlled the tournament. Same with the towers as always although maxima is no swapped with skoona and gemini is just barley hanging on. Rhino actually did better in this tournament than I expected especially since it surpringly good against the flocks.

Dracoratpro is actually not that good at least from what , barley saw it probably because so many thing either have armor, shields or rend resistances

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Actually @th3bub14 there are really only two i feel need a bit in toning down, that being tenato and skoona. Tenontorex is just so versatile and its very rare that it loses or its left in swap in range and it so much high attack it can just 1 shot so many creatures I literally can not think of a counter matchup its so versatile it reall need a tone down. Next is skoona which basically became on of the most powerful uniques but I feel like its less annoying than tenato cause it does have clear counter and can be easily revenge killable. However i think all that bulk and such and the counter might have been too much since it can just go II then slow.

Also here is what I found a s good counter to compsuluas: monolorhino, nemys, enteloania, skoona, Orion. Haven’t tried out Poukandact, Spinoconstrictor, or Gemini since I never got the chance or they just sucked so much they weren’t worth a spot.

I’m top 300 rn, and TenRex just doesn’t have it you there. It gets a decent hit in, and then either dies or gets a kill and is then a sitting duck. LGH is nice, but it’s so predictable that I can easily a) swap in on it, or b) use my secret weapon. (Acro is honestly incredible).

Skoona, while good, isn’t really that busted to me, since it’s output isn’t the best, and while it is tanky, I don’t really feel it’s to much, since it can be easily set up on or just revenge killed.

I also think this goes to show that there are a ton of underpowered uniques. I’ve only seen Erlidom and Indo once, Rinex thrice, Poukan and Spinocon never, and don’t get me started on Thor or Testa. If these guys were to actually be somewhat viable, I think these tourneys would be a lot different, and probably for the better.

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Lol probably not people would still run the same things. I’m top 30 and Tenontorex basically can decide a match especially if oh look a 4,750 crit rampage which like 80% creatures have less hp than that wel guess I’ll die. Skoona wasn’t that hard as you said it’s “low damage output” keeps it in check but it does so much and can just out stalk anything that isn’t a turtle or a croc.

I also hat how grypo is super situation in this tournament when it should be one if the best, but everything is either resistant to swap prevention or immune so the usually just swap to a rhino straight away and grypo basically dies. Tryko is even suffering as basically it’s very bad at deal with thanks which is kinda of ironic

But the only thing that can swap in on Tenontorex is really Draco pro. Rhino needs it to be really low which is usually never that case thanks either to LGH or DI. Not saying it unbeatable or revenge killable but in terms of 1v1 it basically has no matchups and no creatures should be like oh I have the chance or capacity to beat everything or leave it in swap in range.

However I did overall enjoy the tournament. Nice change of pace from the pain that is the apexs at least IK how much hp I need to have to survive a rhino swap in.

Well, I say swap in, I don’t simply mean using a swapper I means swapping to Spyx to pounce, or Acro for RR. Stuff like that is how I’ve gotten around TenRex

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True but again that a very niche situation and tenotorex can just hit which is what usually happens when I try to be sneaky lol; also see no acrocantos and for good reason unboosted it’s not good :joy:

I beg to differ, I’ve been having a ton of success with it, especially in tandem with Rhino or Nemys

Also the TenRex situation is usually just mind games, which usually comes down to the skill of the player

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Biggest issue, mammolania, kills almost every Fierce, other than that is ok.

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Oh ya that too