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Thoughts on Turtles Carbonemys and Carbotoceratops

I’m curious if I’m not considering anything when it comes to these two, but first I have to say Smilonemy’s has no place in this post so that we can save time.

In what situation would you really use Distracting Strike with this thing?

You are giving up 10% armor and 120 health to gain one single point of speed, a swap in headbutt for half damage (keeping in mind that people complain the ceratopsian full damage strike is not worth the nerf), and the distracting strike.

I’m really not sure if the strike and headbutt make up for needing sanctuary exclusive DNA.

Pretend you were going to take one all the way to level 30. The Field Guide rates the hybrid as a higher tier than the base but I am failing to see why.

I welcome thoughts on this.

I’d say when facing a chomper

Probably wins more 1v1s and is generally a better staller compared to the original turtle due to distracting enhancing the stall factor. Now you have distract, shield, AND armor blocking damage from opponents.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around that.

Two things, any Defense Shatter I’ll call a chomper here and I wouldn’t take a turtle and try to play a speed war with boosts.

Thor: Defense Shattering Impact, Stun to burn one round, half damage Rampage, you’re gone
Tenontorex: Superiority Strikes it away on round two.

The turtles do well in almost any setting.
I use carbonemys in one of the equal level tournaments. Did well against DC, can take out procerathos if played right, same with indo g2s.
Just looking at Carboceratop’s kit, i’d say it’s lack luster. However, for making up that 10% armor and some hp it lost, it’s not bad. Turn 1 dig in. T2 distracting strike to survive a big hit or superior vulnerability. T3-4: if distracting was used superior vulnerability then devastation next. If not just devastation.

if you calculate correctly you could dig in when tenontorex uses the SS, then with more health you can survive an impact or rampage while in the same turn going for SV and then devastation

i’m just curious how many people actually use SS with tenonto rather than going with outright damage.

I toved using the turtle in the tournament. I’ve only recently unlocked the hybrid so I haven’t gotten a chance to really use it.

The thought of only getting one single fuse worth of Nasuto a day if you spend 6 FIP on it makes the amount of effort seems horrendous for the kit.

probably those who face a distracting creature (utahsino, magna, spyx…)

It’s too early to know, but there’s a chance for a super hybrid with it. A harder hitting tank with devastation would be insane. Idk where the component would come from tho.

You got me there.

It is a really tough grind for it. I think it will get a hybrid turtle sometime. It’s better than carbonemys in 1v1. One downfall was it lost immune to bleed but it’s getting that in the update. Also, if you save just a tiny bit of health you can actually swap it back in. For a final blow. Or if the health is low and already used dig in you can swap it out and back in, if stun lands you have dig in back as a selectable move. It should definitely get a hybrid though.

You also use ss with tenrex vs indo too. And tryko/dio. There’s a lot of cases where that move makes tenrex play at its best… Against spyx it’s tough. They might go bleed so distract will be better from Ten. That’s a good match. They most likely go bleed ten has a lot of raw health so you go distract as tenrex there to save face and put a bigger hit it’s what I do at least. They usually go bleed expecting the ss. And wanting to start draining the health out lol.

Erlikospyx Bleed or distract
Tenrex distract
Spyx distract/bleed
Tenrex ss