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ThreatLvlMidnight are on the lookout


Looking for a relaxed alliance? ThreatLvlMidnight could be for you, after clearing out inactive members we are looking for new recruits. We are an international alliance so have active members in various time zones.

We currently achieve at least level 5/6 on both weekly alliance missions. Looking to improve on these with new members and also improve tournament tiers.

Happy to accept any level of player, especially those looking to develop their teams, work up player level, participate in tournaments and raids when eligible. No restrictions on who can join.

Members are always receptive to DNA requests and creature placements in sanctuaries.

All we are looking for are regular players who:

  • Complete daily missions
  • Compete in tournaments and aim for at least 10 creatures
  • Complete daily battle incubator
  • Raid participation