Three AI Battles in a Row at 4098 Trophy's? Wow!

I played one real person and won but then got to do 3 AI battles in a row so far. I don’t know what the prime level where most players are in trophy’s but wouldn’t expect this level to be this underpopulated. My team level is generally almost exactly 20.5.

The AI’s just under 4K have level 22 somewhat boosted creatures. I’m just above 4K (4098) and the AI’s I was playing all out sped my unboosted team and level 24’s. I managed to win the 3rd one as I got it to go to swap mode.

The thing is, if I know I’m going to play the AI like under 4K, I can put a super team together to get out of AI jail. If I put my best team together and then get a real person, then I beat them and my trophy level goes up when I don’t necessarily want to go up.

Above 4K, win and loses to the AI don’t affect trophy levels where under 4K, they do. Losing to the AI under 4K loses me 20 trophy’s and winning gains 40.

This was my team for the day which is relatively fast and the AI’s out sped me:
My Team 20200308