Three different Alert the Flocks?

Some of you may know me from this (Ability Overhaul Suggestion) wall of text. Consider this a continuation. I even put in a side note because I liked the naming scheme of Alert the Flock, however yesterday I realised something about it that I overlooked.

When I first saw the two separate alert the flocks in the JW Field Guide app I chalked it up to a coding oversight, or something similar. Then I fought someone with a lvl 28 Compy gen 2 in the tournament and realised its Alert the Flock didn’t activate as it only would work at 1/3 health, compared to regular compy’s starting at 2/3 health. (i still lost)

Looking deeper into JW Field Guide, I realised there are not just 2 but three different Alert the Flocks- one isn’t even an Alert ability. Specifically, Coelurosauravus and Compy’s work at 2/3 health, Compy 2’s works at 1/3 health, and Sinokotaraptor’s works at any time-this means it’s not even an Alert ability. Even if Sino’s is wrong information (I don’t have it), I’ve actually witnessed the difference between the first two. Someone else also noticed and reported it as a bug: Alert the flock - #2 by CarelessPenguin

Presumably, it’s for balancing purposes? However imagine swapping in your compy gen 2 fully expecting a heal on swap in and getting nothing. If you’ve seen my previous post, you might infer that I am a person who doesn’t like to assume things. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes. That’s why I try to fix the littlest things instead of asking for major changes like buffs and nerfs. (To elaborate: I do think we should get more boost shuffling. I do think some creatures should be buffed. But I don’t think any should be nerfed, as it would pour hours of coins and DNA down the drain. How many of us have an overleveled Procerat or Indo Gen 2? I even thought Keratoporcus would be good back when it had Lethal Wound.) Balancing must be quite hard to pull off. So I’m not weighing in on that. I give overhauls to existing abilities.

C2’s ATF: Rename to Restricted Alert the Flock
S’s ATF: Rename to Call the Flock

But why isn’t this simple thing implemented from the start? I have literally no idea what’s with all the ability inconsistencies (in this case-it’s a little too consistent.). Surely something should be done sooner, right? Yet the same problems from my wall of text appear once again in the new update. Isn’t the confusion from this and Cautious Cunning Rampage proof enough?!

From the release notes:
Defense Shattering Wound: Major confusion as to whether it’s instant or not. It seems to be? I don’t know.
Ferocious Shield on Escape: Rename to On Escape Dust Storm. Maybe Dust Bath? Either way I’d like consistency with OE Dust Cloud. Put Ferocity on the icon.
Fukuisaurus is not an ornithomimid.
Group Cunning Rampage: Would you consider this delayed? Especially considering Group Cunning Impact has no cooldown or delay.
Persistent Counter: Group Persistent Counter/Group Ferocity Counter
Resilient Shielded Rampage and Run: Add Shield symbol
Shielded Alert Strike: Rename to Alert Shielded Deceleration
Group Cleansing Fatal Strike: First off, no. Does this look like Mortem’s Fatal Strike to you? It’s Group Cleansing Ferocious Strike.

There might be more-but if there are, I didn’t notice them, which genuinely shows that you won’t know until you read the fine print or fail while using it in battle.


The designer of alert moves might think he’s clever to come up with these varying thresholds, but in reality it’s simply a hassle and doesn’t bring any depth.

Honestly I never liked alert moves, ever. They sounded interesting at first, but they just turned into complicated walls of text with effects that you can’t know about just by looking at the ability name. They’re way too complex to fit in JWA’s battle system well.


That’s why I suggested for the icon to switch during different states. I like the concept but not that each ability has a horrible amount of effects and that the differences are sometimes minor or hard to find.

yeah, you wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t read it properly, it’s not clearly stated anywhere apart from the numbers, and so many people would just assume it happens at 2/3 health.

They’ve become Ludia’s excuse to give moves a bazillion effects without giving them exaggerated names.