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Three "fixes" for PvP


Three fixes for PvP - especially casual players - might find useful.

1 - The ability to forfeit/concede a match.

Honestly I’m surprised this still isn’t in the game. Pokemon Go just came out with its uselessly-botched PvP and even THEY put a forfeit option in. Too many times have I had a roaring good start and my opponent either lost connection or “quit” by just closing the app, forcing me to instead wait minutes instead of seconds to clean up the straggling combatants. Now, there will still be spiteful players, but for those that just want to end the match and start again, a forfeit option saves time for both parties involved.

2 - Ability to either freeze trophy collection or voluntarily dump them.

I honestly could care less about climbing the ladder, but I really enjoy pitting my dinosaurs against others. Unfortunately PvP is tied into the single most reliable way to get consistent coins and DNA for some of us, so I HAVE to win as often as possible. This makes me fight to climb a ladder I don’t care to climb, to the point that I’m going up against dinosaurs 2 to 7(!) levels higher than mine. You could tell me to go level up more, but frankly that’s just plain unrealistic when, as I said, the most consistent way to do that is to get battle incubators. If I could just do arena battles and NOT climb the ladder (and therefore stay in lower arenas where my level is appropriate) it would make things much easier than the current system in which I climb and then spend a good deal of time deliberately throwing matches to lose enough trophies to get into an appropriate arena for consistently fair and fun battles.

3 - Non-tournament Arena for trophie-less play.

Like friend battles, but against random people. Maybe all the dinosaurs are set to 26, maybe not, but it’s only for fun and incubators without the grind of the current system. This way, those of us that don’t care about showing off our position in the ladder can still play and still benefit in a similar fashion, while ladder-climbers can test themselves against the most challenging opponents. A side-effect to this would be to increase the rewards for tournament placement, since the player pool would be smaller and thus you wouldn’t have such high numbers.


And today marks another that would spawn this kind of suggestion.

I tried playing a lot today; before work, at work, on my break, on my way home, and at home after dinner. All I wanted to do was get my four incubators.

I’m not super-high-tiered by any stretch; I began the day at ~3700-something, almost 3800. I’m finishing the day at just over 3100. It has taken me all bloody day to collect just the four measly incubators because of the system we have here, one where even in the low 3000’s I was fighting teams where everything is level 20+ while my team is 16-18. I was fighting fights that dragged on when a simple “concede” button could have saved my opponents and I a good couple minutes per fight. I lost only a small handful of trophies per loss but gained nearly double each loss for the four wins I managed to get, telling me the trophy system is wholly botched.

Please fix this system either by overhauling it as I and others have suggested, or at least provide a way for players to stay in brackets that they are more appropriately leveled for.

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yes, I too fond of playing.


Think about it: If we had the ability to forfeit, no one would ever, ever win.

And it would all be pointless. If you could forfeit from a losing position in a match, when you play another match and things are looking good for you, then the other guy forfeits.

But lost connections are another thing! If either party loses the connection, the match should be automatically cancelled for both.

The way it works now, if you lose the connection Ludia puts a bot in your place. When you’re able to get back in, usually ‘you’ (the bot) are losing. Not acceptable Ludia!


Won a match and got ZERO trophies just now. Wasn’t a bot but an actual player from a real alliance that I’ve faced before.

If we can add: “Players receive trophies for wins” that’d be nice


faced against someone who had a lvl 27 suchotator but also had lvl 14 ourano lvl 13 draco g2 and lvl 16 paramoloch on their team in sorna today. :joy:


If they could fix the stupid matchmaking that can be so easily manipulated, everybody would be matched evenly, so you would win or loose 50% of your matches, and everybody would be happy. Currently, there’s likely at least 30% of the players who are unranking for easy wins. This also push down another 30% of legit players down, so that’s why legit players have to fight totally uneven matches and often loose 8 matches in a row to win only 1 (which, would very rarely happen with good matchmaking). Seriously, eventually, everybody will have to lower themselves to 100 trophies, and it will then become a massive pool of random players of all levels playing in the entry level, until there’s a tournament (and then back to level 1 the day after). I guess with everybody down to that level, the fighting part of the game would likely be fun again. At least the matchmaking would be totally random, and you would finally be able to win or loose about 50% of the time, and not take 1 hour to get one single incubator.


I thought my +1 was bad ouch! Wth anyway, how broken is that?


totally agree, specially with point 1 and 3


I always repeat this. They need to pit people based on their selected teams highest level dino.

If your team of 8 highest dino is level 20, you will be pitted against another team whose highest dino on their team of 8 is level 20.

This way you can set up a team of level 10’s and not have to go up against epics. You can set up a team of level 15’s and not go up against legendary’s. You can set up a team of level 20’s and not go up against Unique’s.

You can play high teams and you can play low teams right after. They can make it so you get more rewards… coins and DNA for winning playing higher teams over lower ones.

I play a level 10 team on my second account because I can always win the 3rd battle against the bot if I loose to the real players. And yes, I face level 14 epics with my level 10 team but it doesn’t matter because after 2 losses, I get the easy bot.


Ludia has shown little no to interest in fixing the problems. Many of these problems have been around update after update after update which indicates they have almost no interest in fixing them or are just too incompetent or incapable of fixing them.

The best way to vote is with your wallet.

I mean you want an incubator that might, maybe, possibly give you a dino worth something or upgrade one that’s worth something? You only need to spend $50-$100 to do that.

It’s ridiculous and anyone spending that kind of money on this game is just crazy. Especially with the lack of interest Ludia is showing in fixing many of the bugs and backed issues the game has.

100% stun, dodge, and crit on creatures that are supposed to have a fraction of that? They don’t care to fix.

Are you getting matched against dinos 2-3x your level? Oh well it’s your fault.

Are you sitting still and you get the Owen graphic a lot? You probably shouldn’t be moving if you ask Ludia.

What’s that? 10 matches and 1 or 2 of your dinos never gets used? That’s either by design or it just confirms their inability to better match make.

Things like Bleed are essentially slow crits with the amount of damage they do. They are cheap and Ludia knows that. The game by design is meant to be cheap.

Did you suddenly have a defeat because the game suddenly stopped giving you turns but kept going anyways? It’s your fault too because you obviously have slow internet connection. Doesn’t matter if it’s the most stable and fastest connection, it’s still your fault.

There’s a reason some dinos are uber popular and everyone seems to have them. It’s because they are either over powered and need to be nerfed or are super cheap and help score a lot of easy wins.

The fact is the game is built to be less about strategy and more about cheap moves and cheap shots. That’s why if you’re spending crazy amounts of money on this game going it’ll improve things for you, you’re out of your mind.

I’ve beat people with 1 dino doing 100% crits.

I’ve beat people with 1 dunno with 100% stuns.

I’ve had people beat me the same exact way.

If Ludia really cared enough to fix the problems they would have by now. That or their just too incompetent or incapable of going so or just don’t care to.

So if you’re hoping these problems will go away anytime soon, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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