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Three horns revival from 1.9

Also how is op it’s has 1,150 damage so around 2,300 rampage damage, 1725 per impact so 4,025 in total if use impact and rampage that’s not op. And speed it has the same as Pachy 121 and even close to the same health 4,000 and it barely had any armor like 10% is nothing also IT HAS A SWAP IN STUN SO IT NO LONGER DOES DAMAGE WHEN SWAPPING IN!; how is it op?

Draco owners to be upset.
Draco should keep decelerations ramp along with an acceleration ability as base attack.

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While I think for i guess the back up I think it shouldn’t cause doesn’t make sense since none of it parents have a speed increase move; also having decel would help against speedsters that aren’t immune. Also I think speed up should just be a erlikosaur ability

Actually idk where it go that from when it came out

So ya pls explain

First of all what rat has to do with pachy? :thinking:
Too much damage, health and speed for a legendary made up of two Commons. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

No from me just because Monostego shouldn’t be like that.

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You forget monometradon is made of two commons and has around the stats actually it has even more speed and health So I still don’t get the problem

Lol ya I excepted some people to not like Her but I felt it was the best balanced way to make her good with making we best on 1v1 situations again?

Edit: gave her -50 attack but I gave her null impact so she is now a full fledged Indom, indo, and erlidom killer. Also can stand up to tryko with that distracting rampage

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To me, she never was a 1 on 1 Dino. She was the best opener I ever had. If it’s an Immune coming, Null and Slow, if not an Immune, Slow, Stun and Null.

The gap she left in my team is still there. I can’t find any suitable replacement, yet.

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lol that’s true but I find tryko, sometimes Eddie and spxs as good opners but ya nothing is the same as starting with a ceratopsian

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True that.

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Take a look at its moves set. None move has 2x power and one of its ingredient has 126 speed so 125 speed makes sense to me but your logic behind rat 121 speed is not sensible at all.