Three Hour Incubators Useless


The 15 minute incubators always give better DNA. It may not be as much, but its generally something I can use. The 3 hour ones are always the same useless dinos that I’m never ever going to use.


Pretty much the story with incubes. Can’t always have the best of the best.


I didn’t ask for it.


Lol, then get it line with the other complainers.


Kindly don’t comment on my posts. You’re always negative on every thread. Just let us complain. I don’t need your permission.


I’m never negative. You only see one piece of me.


That’s all you show. I’m sure you’re a very nice person, but you spend all your time on these forums responding to people who just want to vent to tell us how wrong we are.


Well this is a new one here! You two are arguing about arguing!


Lol. I didn’t mean to sound as rude as I did.


Btw I agree 1000% I wish every 3 hour were 2 15 minutes incubators


Yeah. That’s my point. Logically, the 15 minute ones should be the lowest quality. Just an observation.


Plus you can instantly speed them up which actually makes Ludia money!


'Cause a lot, and I mean a LOT complain for literally the smallest things. Yeah, I can be a little sarcastic in some, but honestly, to complain about battles being “too hard”, rng “being unfair”, and the like…those are easy. Maybe time consuming as most grinding games are, but easy: level up your dinos, drop down, collect coins and dna. Now bugs and glitches, yes, that’s a much bigger issue than people wanting this beautiful game to go the route of Pokemon. And in these responses, I’m not being mean; argumentative and snarky, yes, but not mean. Just stating facts/truth. Heck, even the good incubes don’t always yield the best dna. Just take it for what it is, and/or switch arenas, and dart them dinos!