Three of a kind

I hit the triple ones. :joy:
Not really a big reward but cool to see.
They should automatically make it a times 2 at the end if you get all 3 the same.

Still rewarding though having the 3 combined nice @Jose_Santiago

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Just received this equipment pack no bad if I say so myself.


Nice! I got a legendary from a free chest today


I notice that each of my heroes has 2 legendary gear unable to attached until hero is level 10 but I haven’t been getting anymore most common gear I get from free chest or any other type of chest is common gear it is now at the point where it going to take a long time to level most of my heroes to 11 as the common gear now needs 400+ smh.

How do you get that?

The Icon top left of screen is your player level click on it and it will show you the task required so far it been equipment pack or a new hero I have all the heroes now only from my position it going to be equipment pack.

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Equipment packs are solid.

They certainly are that were I got my legendary equipment it good to have them now my wizard is attacking all enemies on 3 tiles at once and half the enemies die just from 1 hit.

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Shevarith is so dope looking