Three questions about gameplay


1st one is about gear. What lvl of common gear I would have to reach to make it stats on lvl with legendary items? Same with rare > legendary etc.

2nd it is about event for 2x gear. Do i missing something or reward for dice 20 is 2x 1 epic and in normal version of that dungeon is 4x expic iteam. I mean…what?

3rd. What dose “restore” do to my team? priest seems to have few items around it, but not sure what it do.


Hi Mariogaa,
Here are your answers

1 - level 13 comons = level 1 legendary
2 - Yes you are correct. It’s a bug and they will/are working on it. ** main reason is because they upped the normal dungeons about 2-3 months ago without changing the template for events, soo it’s still based off the reward from that time.
3 - Restore will take out any negative effect on the targeted player. So if he was disarmed, stun, rooted, dominated, dot dmg he’ll comeback to normal status.


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To clarify, it takes 5 ranks for one tier of gear to equal the next tier, and then each lv is the same as a lv of that next-tier gear.

5 common = 1 rare
6 common = 2 rare

9 common = 5 rare = 1 epic
10 common = 6 rare = 2 epic

8 rare = 4 epic
9 rare = 5 epic = 1 legendary
10 rare = 6 epic = 2 legendary

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Thanks for replay. Good community.

So it seems there is a point to lvl up my common gear as it seems at some point it will be more powerfull than legend which I only got few at lvl 1.

So there is no point doing 2x gear atm as rewards are lower than normal version. I thought items are more rare to get, but if that is not the case, I just wasted some gems for no good reason.

About “restore”. Definition in game says “restore AND remove negative effects from teammates”. Word “and” suggest that it do something diffrent than removing debuffs, or is it just grama mistake? Description on rare priest legs say that.

Cheers. :wink: