Three Raptor Epic Strike Tower Guide (Sunday)

I’ve got a guide up on metahub for the three raptor strike out now. :slight_smile:

Let us know how you did!


Blue came first then the impact and run dino then the 3rd one with critical impact

I used monostego 1st and won then swapped to rajak and then to trago and then stegodeous.

1k velo
4k galla
600 rare raptor dna
253 blue
49 pyro

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In order for me:
Blue: pounce, short defense
Charlie: pounce, critical impact
Delta: pounce


What’s your team compo?

Monomimus 20 + Stegodeus 25

Easy. Just use your tanks and slow them down. Your dinos aren’t gonna be faster so tanks are useful here. Take the first hit, slow them down & wallop them turn 2.

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My actual team.
What do you think? Stego first then Monostegotops and perhaps Gigaspikasaurus?
And as support Alanqa?

Use your strongest tank first up. Alanqa should be 2nd to take the 2nd dino’s pounce

Haha I wasn’t going to post the video here because I was testing out something that I would not reccomend at all now but since you asked :slight_smile::

*By no means do I recommend my opening strategy :joy: but things worked out in the end so no worries

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Yeah I tried to be too clever and started with a lvl 25 spino. Got cleaned out. Brought in my stegodeus and cleaned those pesky raptors up.

Haha always leave a back up plan :sunglasses:

The stegod probably could’ve handled them all by itself but where’s the fun in that?? :sweat_smile:

I´ve just done it with
Stegoceratops19 -blue punce, stegocera slow, great stun - worked, stunning strike, blue pounce, stegocera dead
Velo20 - strike-blue dead,
Came deta, velo pounce, delta pounce, velo strike - delta dead
Came charlie, velo vounce, charlie crit impact, velo dead
I chose stegodeus19, charlie punce, stegodeus ss, charlie dead
I had alanqa in reserve just in case smthg went wrong :grin:

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I actually had giga as backup. I needed those coins.

Giga is such a beautifully designed Dino!
I’m glad it finally got some love with 1.5… what level is yours?

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Eighteen. Needs more love

Did Ludia mention whether there’s a limit to the Alliance or is it like Pogo with just three teams?

Haven’t heard anything more than what’s been published yet

I went in with crappy Dino choice. Actually haven’t take any tank with me … Really had to pray in the end for my dodge of monominus (which didn’t work) and then dodge from Indoraptor (which worked 3x times and saved me).