Three ultimasaurus versions

it is now unqiue, now harder to make than most, maybe 1600 damage

Ultimasaurus: tryko plus monostego (just for fun)
Attack: 1500
Hp: 3900
Speed: 109
Armor: 30
Crit: 20
Resilient Impact
Fierce Rampage
Invincible Dig In Taunt
Swap in Stunning Strike
medium counter attack
100% vulnerable resist
If tryko was fused with any ceratopsian, it would be the best dino in the game

Ultimasaurus: tryko plus ceramagnus
Fierce Resilient
Attack: 1500
Speed: 109
Hp: 4350
Crit: 20
Armor: 30
Resilient Strike
Group Acceleration
Fierce Rampage
Instant Invincibilyt Taunt
Swap in stunning Strike
Medium Counter Attack
100% decel
50% vulnerable
100% stun
Both of these dinos are insane but I think I would rather use the monostego version cuz that would last all game while the ceramagnus would die after like two kills

so basically utasino and thordor but better…
so thordor
with gold-blue skin
and a lot bigger

it depends on the type. The magnus version would be blue, green, yellow and brown. The trike version would be brown while the monostego version would be yellow, purple, and brown.

I think it would have to have either Resilent Strike or Stunning attack not both to be made, but an interesting idea.

Tryko and monostego is really weak

eh, it has invincible dig in and distract meaning it could be invincible, heal, speed increase, break shield and decelerate.

Here mine
ดาวน์โหลด (97)

nice, that would be cool but ultimasaurus is mainly made of a rex and a trike

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Yea but i lazy to make hybrid and fuse again hahaha

he is fierce resilient
Attack: 1800
Hp: 4740
Speed: 118
Armor: 20
Crit: 30

and the superhybrid

dont ever want to fight that thing

Consider this, blue(Or some raptor(Most likely common))+stegoceratops get a legendary superhybrid, fuse it with Tryko to create an Apex Ultimasaurus. I don’t know why we can’t have a rank higher than superhybrid? They literally said in Fallen Kingdom, they wanted to fuse Blue+Indoraptor, that’s a hybrid of a superhybrid in canon, I would think we’d be able to get something like this eventually.

Also have to consider with Ultimasaurus specifically, that Ultimasaurus is trademarked by the Kenner toyline, so Ludia would have to buy the rights to use it. (Most likely why we haven’t seen it to this date in official games).

JUggernaut 32 + Omega 09 (i like omega better then alpha)

Ankylosaurus plus triceratops to make legendary Ankylotops
Health 5000 attack 800 speed 112
Armor 50% crit 10%
with a potential move set of:
Shield strike attack x1
Taunting group shields
Resilient rampage x2
Instant charge x1

Then fuse the new Ankylotops with Rex to make Ultimasaurus
Health 4500 attack 1700 speed 102
Armor 40% crit 30%
Shield strike attack x1
Fierce impact x1.5
Defense shattering rampage x2
Instant charge x1

This version would basically be Thor but bulky