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Throw me a bone ludia


I just saw next weeks epic its kentrosaurus and koolasuchus i know it sounds good but im worried that nodosaurus is not next week i think ludia is just trolling me cause they hate me and i want a legendary and dont gloat how you have legendaries cause you probly have data and or paid for them i have and it feels like i have to have a legendary to be a good player i dont know what the rest of the week is im guessing debuffs and i dont have any legendaries please keep it to being trolled by ludia


Okay, first, PUNCTUATION.
Second, you don’t need a Legendary to be a “good player”. I have a Legendary (Irex), but I don’t use her, and just because I have her doesn’t mean I’m a “good player”. If you want to “git good”, you need to collect dna, level up your dinos, and strategize. Learn the weaknesses and strengths of what you’re using and pay attention to your opponents.


But ludia keeps trolling me in the arena but giving me the worst dinos to fight with


Ludia isn’t trolling you or anyone.


Sorry if im frustrated i have autism so some times when i dont get what i need i get frustrated and plus the heats doesnt help


Oh yeah they refuse to give the dinosaurs i need to fight with on my team and de spawning any dinosaurs i need for legendaries and last time i got a 24 hour incubator i olny got 3 t rex dna


ALso everyone has a legendary and i want to fit in with them thats all cause i feel left out if i dont have a legendary


I’m almost a level 10 and I don’t have a legendary , we all play differently.


Yeah kid, I’m Autstic too, you don’t need to play that card. I don’t always get the dinos I want, because it’s mostly rng, CHANCES, and the game’s centered around the Gotcha System. Just get out there, collect the dna, and strategize.


I do but its way to hot some times and im restricted to local wifi places i dont have data thats the frustraiting bit


With the greatest of respect, just because you have autism doesn’t mean you know anything about his disorder and calling it a card is a bit unnecessary.


yeah thank you @Heather i just dont need that from her im having a hard time and autsim is a spectrum everyone has a diffrent waynof coping with it ok i need posivie renforcements @Angela_Flynn


I never bring mine up in conversation. And to bring it up that quick is playing the card. Anytime I’ve brought it up, I’ve only been treated worse. Yes, what I said was harsh, but you shouldn’t bring it up. Just say, “sorry I’m just super frustrated”.


Ok im sorry yeah happy?


I’m sorry you are frustrated with the game. Just to let you know, I don’t have any legendary dinosaurs yet either but it’s still fun to just go out and collect whatever dna you can when you get the chance. You’ll eventually get there!

Ludia doesn’t hate you. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t target a single person to troll them. That would be just terrible.

You’ll be okay dude! Pretty soon you’ll work your way up to a legendary and then you’ll probably stomp me in the battle arena.


Just so you know I do have legendaries but they all sit in my unused dinosaur area! The common and epic hybrids are ten times better than the legendaries in the arena because when you first get them they are not very strong and the health is low!

Trust me they are nothing to brag about or super desire! At least not until you get up in the top 500 but by then you will have them and good levels also!


Sometimes it doesn’t matter what dinos you have especially when the stupid arena times out on your side while the other person is destroying you. I lost 200 spots pretty quick because of this.
I agree the legendary dinos can be desired but they usually totally suck when you first unlock them.


@Angela_Flynn also what business is it of yours on weather i say i have autism none you dont need to criticize that i said i have autsim the reason i said i did cause i get really frustrated when i do its hard for me to be calm and i feel like i get negitive ans i might lash out thats why say it and i need moral support which everyone accept you is doing you been nothing but criticizing me and how would you like it if i called you out for using autism as a call card i know you dont but if you did if you have u wouldnt like so why do it to me so if you have nothing supportive to say about what im going through then say nothing and mind your own buisness and stick you nose in other people lives please


Thanks man btw heres my teamif you care