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Throwing 600 arena points

I just blasted down 600 points… To anyone i helped to rank up to the burnt bone league, Your Welcome and im sorry…lol good luck if your not at least running 10k power your gonna despise pvp. Hope you have better luck than I did once you pass 3000BR :slight_smile:

Rank UP? To burntbone League? Sounds like your still in the early stages of the game. Your going to run into bad streaks of luck. Happens to most all of us. Keep climbing the ladder and upgrading your gear. And remember that right after season reset is the worst possible time to PvP and expect a fair match.

Yea Preston check this test of might match up in arena 7…

:upside_down_face::eyes: Yea that bites. But I run into the same stuff. My characters are 17-20 and I run into heavy hitters with 24’s etc here and there. Especially if I repeatedly hit Wait, trying to get a real player. Seems like it starts randomly grabbing people from most any league.

Even near the top, there is always a bigger fish to humble you…

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… Speechless…

Yeap. Waiting a few days after reset for the stronger players to move up works well. Completing the quests though is well worth wading through the mismatches. I have found the stronger players often use skills (gear) and tactics that are new or I rarely see from players where I finally end up settling in the ranks. And, waiting gives me long winning streaks against weaker teams and that’s not fun for me.