Throwing in the towel

Almost four years daily grinding for what seems like nothing. I put too much work into my team with Boost and leveling up for me to start all over. I had a good team and great team for a couple months now all my creatures are outdated and worthless there’s just too many updates too soon to ever try to keep up with this all these new creatures with their 3 and 1 moves I don’t stand a chance it’s really sad and it’s really hard for me to let go but it’s just not fun anymore my team that I put so much work into that I was so proud of is just utterly garbage now. With update after update new moves new creatures that are ridiculously overpowered. I I was a daily player I never had a great Alliance but decent so I know for a fact that either people are cheating or pained win because there is just no way people are getting these new creatures this past with such high levels it’s just no fun anymore. Maybe instead of coming out with new features new creatures new crap all the time it would have been nice to be paid a little more attention to fixing the stuff that’s been wrong since day one like matchmaking. And maybe you know they could have came out with some way to keep you know people like meat relevant in the game by adding other Arena options other battle modes or something else. I love this game but it’s just too heartbreaking to play it now so goodbye I know I don’t matter because I don’t pay you guys ridiculous sums of money to win I just you know play Everyday grind away. So hopefully someday somewhere they’ll be a company that actually cares about the regular guys


Quitting post