Throwing matches to stay in a lower arena

This sad little trend seems to be a thing among some of the more spineless players who don’t want to actually face real competition. I know of at least 2 by name that don’t go much past the aviary, even though they have L30 apexes and uniques, all boosted. They just throw a match when they feel they might get too high up, or else just stomp some real player actually trying. This is even worse than droppers… at least they will climb until they face opponents they can’t beat. These chumps don’t even try…

I actually had this happen to me once, and they had Phorurex, but they intentionally started to lose after they got one kill, kinda annoying tbh (they prolly changed it by not idk it was a while ago)

could this be just a usual dropper not using lower team? i mean just loosing purposely to drop, but with main team.

This is costly to Ludia, so hopefully, they will fix this eventually!

What should be costly about that? And what exactly is Ludia supposed to fix here?

Dropping and climbing back up as well as not climbing on purpose is not against any rule. As long as these players do spend money on the game, Ludia will be fine with it :slight_smile:

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For most players loosing a thight game is never a problem. But loosing a 3-1 or 3-0 match in an unwinnable match stick in their head badly. Loosing many like that, and they start thinking about quitting the game. Well, they likely quit the game, or start dropping matches as well and make the problem even worst. There’s more and more droppers because of that… So it’s either join them, or quit for most players. And I don’t think Ludia want to loose players. What happen when 50% of the players drop? Do you think the other half will stick around?

It’s been discussed in length already… There’s no incentive to go up in the ladder. (and not enough arenas, so after too many months in the same one, players quit)

Don’t see the issue with dropping to be honest. Gives the player facing the dropper an easy win and an inc to go with it and 3 takedowns towards the DBI. What I don’t agree with is a lazy player using their full strength library or depot team to climb back up. I enjoy dropping down a couple of arenas and trying out different dinos that I wouldn’t usually use so high up in the arenas. As I climb I use a team suitable for the arena until I get back to near where I started and move to my full strength team.

Nope, high score under 5100.

ok, but as “dropper” i meant a player who drop to a lower ranking, to stay or not there.

some people refer to “dropper” as someone who drop insanely to some arena, get specific dna from those incubators and climb again.

but some stay for some time at lower arena too. in this case they keep main team to loose purposely and to win incubator when needed without need to change team.

this wouldn’t work at very lower arena because they could win without making a move. but 1 or 2 arenas below is easy to loose by abandoning the battle with main powerful team.

just a supposition by the way…

Dropping is fun

One here or there usually isnt an issue. When it starts becoming increasingly frequent that a large number of players are facing many “climb back up” teams a day, there is where the issue begins.